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  • Sprinklers

  • Butterfly 360° Atomizer

    Butterfly 360° Atomizer

    Single-piece irrigator, featuring high constructive simplicity at very limited costs. Is thin, deformable structure makes it unbreakble and very easy to clean.

  • Drippers

  • Model Bigflow - Adjustable Dripper

    Model Bigflow - Adjustable Dripper

    This item is made up of two part (base and head). If you rotat left the head, you can increase its capacity. Futhermore, the internal conformation allows a turbolent flow and consequently it avoid the dripper to turn during the working. It is easly removable and it allows a quick clening, when necessary.

  • Model Isoflow - Compensed Dripper

    Model Isoflow - Compensed Dripper

    Configuration formed by a central membrane that narrow the outlet section when the load pressure increase the membraneis in easy-to-removable shell to facilitate cleaning, if necessary.

  • Model Turboflow - Inspectacle Dripper

    Model Turboflow - Inspectacle Dripper

    Composed of labyrinth created on the two sides of a cylindrical insert, placed in an easy-to-disassemble shell for facilitating any necessary cleaning. During disassembly, the insert in its seat, therefore minimising the risk of accidentally loosing it, even when disassembling during the irrigation cycle. It is particularly easy to take apart thenks to the different kinds of materials used to manufacture it.