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  • Vertical Tillage

  • McFarlane - Reel Seedbed Conditioner

    McFarlane - Reel Seedbed Conditioner

    The McFarlane Reel Seedbed Conditioner is actually three tools designed into one unique tool. The seven hardened steel blades chop heavy crop residue and loosen soil around the root. The vertical action of the blade doesn't create a yield robbing soil density change.

  • McFarlane - Spiral Reel Stalk Chopper

    McFarlane - Spiral Reel Stalk Chopper

    McFarlane’s No-Till Stalk Chopper is an excellent way to chop standing stalks. This 3-point mounted machine features two rows of spiders holding reels with 8 hardened steel chopping knives on the front bar and 6 hardened knives on the rear bar. The front row chops the ridge stalks and the rear row is offset for valley tilling. The spiders are design to permit adjustable row spacing. In addition, chopping knives can be set to run straight or at...

  • McFarlane - Reel Disk

    McFarlane - Reel Disk

    The NEW 4100 Series Cobra Reel Disk provides the same great performance that thousands of growers have come to rely on coupled with today's sharpest, most aggressive cutting ability for tackling the toughest soil and residue conditions. The Cobra Disk Blades are manufactured for McFarlane by Ingersoll. They combine a proprietary boron alloy steel with unique processing technology to provide hardness,...

  • Primary Tillage

  • McFarlane - Model RD-4100 - Till Folding Reel Disk

    McFarlane - Model RD-4100 - Till Folding Reel Disk

    Since the introduction of our popular Reel Disk in 2007 growers have asked us to design a companion primary tillage machine for heavy residue situations. Corn-on-corn acres are increasing to meet increasing demand throughout the world and to feed ethanol production. Higher yields and continuous corn rotations create a heavy residue environment that conventional tillage machines cannot efficiently handle. Until now, a primary...

  • Universal Tillage

  • McFarlane Incite - Model 5000 - Tillage Tools

    McFarlane Incite - Model 5000 - Tillage Tools

    The Incite™ 5000 Series tillage tool is the first ever Universal Tillage™ tool on the market.  It offers the unique ability to perform in a wide range of conditions spring or fall, by providing features and adjust-ability that cannot be found anywhere else. The Incite™ provides the flexibility to adjust to different soil types and conditions from field-to-field and from year-to-year.  The versatility of this tool...

  • Harrows

  • McFarlane - Model 6×6 - Bar Harrow

    McFarlane - Model 6×6 - Bar Harrow

    McFarlane’s 6+6 Bar Harrow is one of the most versatile tillage tools available anywhere. The 6+6 lessens the possibility of plugging, leaving residue where it belongs — on the field, not in your equipment. Its multiple bars and close-tooth spacing provide excellent leveling and superior soil stirring action. The heavy-duty tube steel construction holds up under the most demanding conditions.

  • Soil Conditioners

  • Model RBH-2000 - Heavy-Duty Rolling Basket

    Model RBH-2000 - Heavy-Duty Rolling Basket

    Choose from several finishing options to break up and level the toughest soil types. Heavy-duty flexible spike tooth harrows combined with single or double rolling baskets make it the perfect combination tool for your disk, field cultivator or vertical tillage tool. Damp fields can be aerated and dried in a single pass and chemicals are incorporated to recommended depths. The soil can be conditioned, breaking down clods and separating small and...

  • Mounted Harrows

  • Model RB  - Mounted Rolling Basket Harrow

    Model RB - Mounted Rolling Basket Harrow

    Following behind your field cultivator or finisher, the wide spiral blades of the rolling baskets toss soil high enough to separate soil. Finer, firmer soil settles into the seedbed while small clods remain on the soil surface to resist erosion, evaporation and crusting. What’s left behind is a firm, level bed ready for planting. The rolling basket works in a wide variety of soils. Its unique spring tension adjustment allows downward pressure to...