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  • McIlroy - Root Cutter

    McIlroy - Root Cutter

    The McILROY ROOT CUTTER undercuts the cotton root to ensure the death of the cotton plant to prevent nesting of the Pink Boll Weevil over the winter, while saving time and money with fewer passes through the field.

  • McIlroy - Gauge Wheels

    McIlroy - Gauge Wheels

    All steel construction . Field tested for more than 40 years. Zinc-plated crank for long-lasting use . Replacement parts in stock . Order with 2-1/4', 4', 5'x7' combo clamp or 7'x7' bar clamp. $495 each with wheel.  $575 each with implement tire ready for work.

  • McIlroy - Culti-Pak

    McIlroy - Culti-Pak

    Custom-built to your needs. Hydraulic lift available for any model. Steel rings for extreme durability. 1/2' wall steel tube for long wear. 12' through 18' rings available. 2' axle shaft with 1/2' support plates.

  • McIlroy - 8-Row Listor

    McIlroy - 8-Row Listor

    Category III Hitch. Heavy Duty Tool 5 x 7 x 1/2' Tool Bar with Support. Heavy Duty Chrome-Tipped Points. Heavy Duty 1-1/2'x 3' Standards. Equipped with Heavy Duty McIlroy Gauge Wheels. Field-tested for 40 years.