Mecmar Group

Mecmar Group

Since 1982 we have been making grain dryers, ovens for toasting and heating, continuous coolers for granular products and special systems – this is our range of agricultural machines. We are a family-run company that has been working in the field of grain dryer manufacturing for over 40 years.The family passion has been handed down from generation to generation as a guarantee of continuity, guiding the company towards production improvements and important international markets. Our entrepreneurial spirit and a customer-oriented approach have allowed us to pass from artisan production methods to the highly specialised industrial production system for which we now stand out for out quality.

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Via Copparo 29 , Minerbe (VR) , 37046 Italy
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Leading edge

  • We use environmentally-friendly painting systems.
  • Special attention was given to organic products with the introduction of heat exchangers for the dryers.
  • Cogeneration systems. Farms can use alternative heat sources for drying (e.g. sources of hot water) thanks to the new cogeneration systems and reduce fossil fuel consumption to a minimum.


Standing by farmers is our commitment at a worldwide level, which also, and especially, means taking care of the whole planet and making decisions focusing on environmental sustainability: the Mecmar factory is completely self-sufficient in terms of energy, thanks to a system of solar panels.


Our efforts have been rewarded by the achievement of the prestigious ISO 9001 certification. Moreover, we have a team of engineers working on special projects: customised proposals designed to meet the needs of our clients.

Risk-free storage
Grain dryers quickly reduce the moisture content of the freshly harvested grain to safe levels and allow for its long-term storage.

Flexibility for the farmer
Farmers are free to decide when to carry out drying whatever the weather conditions and to sell the grain when the market price is most favourable, generally months after threshing.

Increased value
As well as drying the grain, the dryer removes the impurities collected in the field. This improves the quality of the end product and therefore its market value.

Return on the investment
Purchasing a dryer requires a relatively modest financial commitment and the value of the used machine remains high over the years, thereby guaranteeing an excellent return on the investment.