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Welcome to MeeGaa Substrates, the supplier of potting soil mixtures for horticulturalists and nurseries, among other markets. Using selected peat and coir as the basis, at factory we can compose any desired mixture for you.

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Westgaag 4AA , Maasland , South Holland 3155 DE Netherlands

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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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MeeGaa Substrates is also the supplier of coir to businesses at home and abroad. Our company has its own coir factories in India and Sri Lanka.

Our name symbolises our mission: to provide the highest quality of products and service.

MeeGaa Substrates b.v. arose from the merger between Meeuwisse Potgrond b.v. and Van der Gaag Potgrond b.v. on 1st October 2007. The two family businesses were founded in the 1950s and have extensive experience in the industry. MeeGaa Substrates has two locations where high quality substrate mixtures are produced: Maasland and Den Hoorn. In Maasland, the emphasis is on coir substrates.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of products and services. High quality machinery, well-trained people and stringent quality requirements are an important precondition. However, reliable suppliers of raw materials are also indispensable when it comes to offering quality.

From pioneer to coir specialist

MeeGaa Substrates was one of the first companies in the Netherlands to import coir from abroad. We now have our own coir factories in Sri Lanka and India, and other countries. Through years of experience, our company has built up a wealth of knowledge, which is why we have no qualms in claiming that MeeGaa Substrates is a specialist in the supply and application of fine and coarse coir. Not only do we import coir for our own use, we also supply it to fellow companies at home and abroad.

Our substrates are composed of various raw materials such as peat, coir, bark or perlite. In order to guarantee the quality of our raw materials, we work with permanent suppliers from various parts of the world. We procure peat, for example, from Ireland, Sweden and the Baltic States. We produce coir in India and Sri Lanka. We procure bark from Belgium and Northern France. We can subsequently combine the raw materials with a broad range of nutrients, including organic nutrients.

Which substrate is best for you, depends on your needs and your product. Our consultants will be pleased to help you make the right decision.