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Megha Agrotech Pvt. Ltd. is one of the pioneer companies to indigenously develop, market and popularize Drip and Sprinkler irrigation system in India since 1995. Megha Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation System is a break through in the field of water management. Megha Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation System is playing a significant role in Drip, Sprinkler and Micro Irrigation. It offers appropriate irrigation system where water is required. The use of latest manufacturing technique and quality standards, combined with the highest quality raw material have made Megha Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation System unit completely efficient and trouble free.

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196, Arakere, Bannerghatta Road, (Opp. Mantri Paradise Apt) , Bangalore , Karnataka 560 076 India

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Agriculture - Irrigation
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Nationally (across the country)

Megha Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation System is playing a significant role in Drip, Sprinkler and Micro Irrigation. It offers appropriate irrigation system where water is required.
Megha Registered Office is located at Bangalore and the sales/marketing territories is spread over South India through extensive Dealer Net Work who are not only dedicated but also sincere to their clients in rendering timely services.
Megha, apart from existing manufacturing Drip Irrigation equipments, we are marketing Sprinkler Irrigation equipments, rigid PVC Pipes and fittings, Landscape Irrigation Equipments, High range sprinklers, Micro Irrigation equipments.
Megha has imported sophisticated machineries from US, with the latest manufacturing technology, with high production capacity and quality. Megha Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation System unit completely efficient and trouble free.
Megha's R & D laboratory is of high sophisticated standard equipped with the latest and modern instruments to check and improve each and every product produced for a quality test. Our quality control Division is as specified by BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS (BIS) and the products are released as per the norms set by them.

Ultimately, the goal of every company should be to provide value to its customers. At Megha Agrotech our value definition extends beyond the norm.

With increasing pressure being placed on farmers and growers to improve crop yields with less water and at reduced costs in order to be competitive, value becomes critical. There are two key ways that Megha Agrotech can help.

First, by switching to drip irrigation if you are not already using it. Our farmers routinely double their crop yields, by changing to drip irrigation from Megha Agrotech.

Second, when you think about using drip irrigation, think Megha Agrotech. Why, you might ask? Because the quality, reliability and performance of our thin-wall seamless drip tape and hard-wall dripline with large turbulent flow integral emitters are unsurpassed. Combined with our steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction, industry-leading warranties and competitive pricing - you have the best value in the drip irrigation industry.

Our Vision

' We’ve truly developed a new competitive advantage, Making and keeping commitments to customers is now a part of our culture. '

Our Mission

Megha Agrotech is defined by our commitment to our customers. We strive to exceed customer expectations by embracing continuous improvement throughout our organization.

The Megha Agrotech is a state of the art drip irrigation system that is to provide a most accurate and reliable irrigation solution for the professional and domestic sector as one. It has many advantages, from the environmental aspect to the immediate benefits for the 

Here are some of the main reasons to switch to Drip Irrigation solutions:

  1. Save Water: Save almost 90% more water than competitor irrigation technology.
  2. Protecting the environment: Long life span and UV resistance provides many years of usage!
  3. Prevent contamination: Megha Anti Siphon prevents contamination of drinking water.
  4. Preserve Water: Prevents wasted and excess water inside pipe for next watering cycle.
  5. Slopes: Megha ensures the water penetrates the soil very slowly and prevents water from running on the slope.
  6. Environmental protection: Megha is protected by the elements and cannot be penetrated by roots or plants.

  • Quality assurance is the backbone of any industry and we at Megha Agrotech believe that quality has to be in-built into the product and can not be improved by verification or testing of the final product alone. The facility is well equipped with instruments and supported by trained personnel for testing and analysis of incoming raw and packaging material, in-process analysis and final release testing.
  • Megha Agrotech, we are a team of professionals driven by quality. The quality control policy of our company is based on ISO and ISI quality norms. At our factory, we have established a sophisticated testing facility and the manufacturing unit is equipped with a range of ultra modern machinery to produce high quality drip irrigation systems and other allied products under strict supervision.
  • At Megha Agrotech, quality doesn't stop with our products. Every interaction with our company is an opportunity for us to demonstrate our quality philosophy as measured by your experience. This means we measure and strive for continuous improvements in key areas such as on time shipments, error-free invoices, and thorough and timely customer service including quotes, warranty claim processing and design/application support. With extensive quality processes in place, employees dedicated to total customer satisfaction and industry-leading product warranties, you can confidently join thousands of satisfied customers that have successfully used million meters of Megha On/In driplines.