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    A.M. Lahav company is proud to present Lehavit. An intelligent and powerful system based on a very advanced technology that enables controlling and monitoring lighting system. The Lehavit controller replaces the timer and the clock. The Lehavit controller recognizes failures such as: All kinds of failure in lighting recurrences, Burnt relays, Checking the system for 3 phase & un phase, Possibility of receiving direct alarms to the cellular...

  • Model RL1 - Cyclical Timer for Greenhouses

    Model RL1 - Cyclical Timer for Greenhouses

    This is a compact miniaturized system which incorporates several systems. These systems are offered on the market in separate units and without adjustment. Easy to operate. Can be installed on a rail. Lowers the price significantly. Generally, no warranty is given for such systems. We give a one-year warranty - a breakthrough in this market based on the product's quality and on our credibility.