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  • Slurry Tankers

  • MEPROZET - Model PN - 20 / 2 - Slurry Tankers

    MEPROZET - Model PN - 20 / 2 - Slurry Tankers

    CHASSIS: Slurry tanker PN-20/2 is designed as self-supporting tank, mounted on a single-axle chassis. TANK: A steel, hot galvanized tank has internal strengthening rings. Closed rear head with a Ø 420 mm hatch. Sight-glasses are mounted on the front head. COMPRESSOR: As a standard JUROP PN 45M compressor is mounted on the drawbar.

  • Applicators

  • MEPROZET - Four-coulter Injector

    MEPROZET - Four-coulter Injector

    Injector consists of a hydraulically rotated shaft on which four coulters are hinged. A distributor with ball valves and hoses is mounted on the discharge connection pipe through which liquid manure flows down to the discharge pipes behind the coulters. Application depth can be adjusted by an appropriate mounting of the coulter arm with an articulated joint. One bolt plays the role of a shear bolt.

  • Dribble Bars

  • MEPROZET - Model Type 3 - Dribble Bar with Dragged Hoses

    MEPROZET - Model Type 3 - Dribble Bar with Dragged Hoses

    A three-way pipe with a horizontal, ball-valve closed pipe, is mounted to the rear gate valve of the vehicle. In the main pipe, there are 10 connection pipes with discs, controlling the outflow of liquid manure through fire hoses. The tilting frames allow folding of the hoses.

  • Filling and Spreading Systems

  • MEPROZET - Half-opened Suction Pipe

    MEPROZET - Half-opened Suction Pipe

    Half-opened suction pipe is a solution designed to simplify actions connected with filling the tank with standard suction hose. A 6” pipe is attached to the front part of the tank on the right or left side by a sleeve coupling. In order to fill the tank with liquid, the pipe's end should be placed in a rubber socket of a docking device and then set the compressor on suction. Half-opened suction pipe is hydraulically controlled from a tractor's...