Meristematic was founded in early 2016 in San Francisco, California. The main business of Meristematic is the production of high-quality starter plants for the Cannabis Industry. Using state of the art technology and modern agricultural methods, we produce large quantities of uniform, vigorous, pathogen free cannabis starter plants. Our specialized process which produces a higher quality product at a significantly lower production cost is the result of our internal development trials and the application of proven research. Our highly skilled technical staff and customer focused approach to business help us to meet the starter plant demands of the most sophisticated cannabis horticulturalists. Meristematic’s long term strategy is to position ourselves as the global leader in cannabis micropropagation, with plans to expand across the United States and beyond into international markets.

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PO Box 170 100 , San Francisco , California 94117 USA
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Internationally (various countries)

Large Scale Fulfilment
Meristematic can fulfill orders of any size and specification. Smaller orders of 1000 per/month are available, as well as orders of up to 10,000 per/week

Increased Plant Vigor
Starter plants from tissue culture show an increase in vigorous growth due to the reduction in pests and pathogens

True to Type
Cannabis starter plants from tissue culture are genetically Identical to the original cannabis mother plant.

Reduced Pest & Disease
Starter plants from tissue culture are raised in an aseptic environment. This reduces the chances for early infestation and the need for treatment with pesticides or fungicides

Dependable Delivery
Meristematic can schedule order fulfilment to meet the needs of your production chain.

Uniform Plant Size
Due to the large production run sizes using tissue culture micropropagation, your entire order is produced at the same time and the plants are uniform in size and shape