Merlo is a prominent, dynamic, state-of-the-art industrial company, with exclusively private capital for the production of high technology machines. It is an established entrepreneurial Group which can claim a front row position on all the world markets and is the international point of reference when talking about telehandlers.Because Merlo is not an `assembler` but an extremely vertical industrial company that designs, develops and produces in house most of the components. This makes it possible to always find the best solution for the requirements of the customers, achieving products designed and created entirely in Italy.Merlo`s success in the world stems from its capacity to know how to anticipate the needs of the markets and every machine produced proves the company`s commitment to offering their customers the best technology available today, with the guarantee of fifty years of experience in research and innovation.

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Welcome to the Merlo Group website.During your visit you will be able to learn more about one of the world’s leaders in the design and production of telescopic handlers, and the best-selling brand in many countries including Italy, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Russia and New Zealand. You will find answers to many of the questions most frequently asked and see how Merlo is an integrated manufacturer of the total telescopic handler and not merely an assembler of component parts.

Here, you will find the most advanced production technology making products that are innovative, practical and have exceptional performance. Merlo products have a reputation for excellence, confirmed by the confidence of numerous clients worldwide who have chosen Merlo’s technology and whose guidance and suggestions help us to improve, day after day.

The Merlo company leads the way in technological advance with its range of telescopic handlers, self-loading concrete mixers, and tracked carriers. The company enjoys a high-standing and a leading position on all the world markets, and is a true international point of reference in the field of telescopic handlers.

Merlo has always known how to anticipate market demand, and each single product reflects the ongoing commitment of the company in offering its customers the best in available technology, guaranteed by over forty years of experience in research and innovation.

It is thanks to this dynamic commitment to research, innovation and ongoing development of new products that Merlo continues to strive to further its expertise in outstanding, high-tech quality.

1911 – The beginnings
All the dynamic business skill and commitment which distinguished this craft enterprise was compounded by Natalina and Amilcare Merlo when they established the Merlo Spa company in

This was concurrent with the building of a new factory premises in S. Defendente di Cervasca, on the outskirts of the town of Cuneo. Thus heading the start of a spectacular period of production and business expansion.

1966 - DM and DBM, the first dumpers and off-road concrete mixers.
The new and highly modern Cervasca factory was immediately used for the production of dumpers and concrete mixers for the building sector, and right from the start the results reflected the soundness of these early design and construction strategies. Featuring a winning blend of innovation and technology to give a highly advanced products.
Both these models were equipped with an innovative rotating fifth wheel, of original Merlo design, and marked the beginning of a long period of technological research and development, which is still ongoing.

1970 - CEM, The first off-road fork lift truck
Armed with all the experience acquired in the off-road machine sector, Merlo entered the earth-moving machine market with the first all-terrain fork-lift truck. This machine reflected the excellent design input, which was in subsequent years to prove the outstanding strong point of Merlo technology, and featured hydrostatic transmission, permanent integrated drive and four isodiametric and steering wheels.

1981 - SM 30, The first telescopic handler
The year 1981 was something of a turning point in the company’s history; with the launch of the first telescopic handler, model SM 30.
This highly innovative machine built to exclusive Merlo design, offered all the performance of a fork lift truck with all the intrinsic versatility of a hydraulic telescopic boom crane.
Right from the earliest model, the technical solutions adopted and the high-tech devices incorporated made it an immediate market success (rounded cab format with curved windows, telescopic boom side-shift, double boom articulation hinge, hydrostatic transmission with permanent integrated drive).

1987 - PANORAMIC XS, a revolutionary machine on an international scale
The year 1987 was a key year in the company’s history; with the launch of the first telescopic handler in the world with side mounted engine and low hinged boom on the rear part of the chassis.
PANORAMIC XS also distinguished itself by being the only machine to offer complete visibility.
It was an instant success and the sales volumes continued to rise, so much so that it allowed the company to further increase the already substantial level of investment into Research & Development; placing it even further ahead of the competition.

1991 - ROTO 25.11 XS, the first telescopic handler with slewing boom
Further confirmation of Merlo’s dynamic innovation drive took the form of a new range of telescopic handlers with slewing boom, known as the ROTO range, the first machines ever to allow operators the possibility of reaching any point in the full 360° range, without having to re-position the machine.

1993 - PANORAMIC EVOLUTION, an ultra-new range
The Merlo patented PANORAMIC system, has been revolutionary, in the true sense of the word; having changed everything, even the intrinsic philosophy of the telescopic handler itself. Making panoramic visibility from the driver’s cab accessible to all, as well as improving comfort and ensuring maximum safety and ease of use, and boosting performance and versatility levels as never before.
Today, years later, all the major manufacturers have adopted the innovative solutions first developed by Merlo.
Thanks to its commitment to ongoing technological research Merlo has always succeeded keeping strides ahead of its competitors, its results always being ahead of the times, with a constant stream of new models, new devices and new solutions.
The development of the new PANORAMIC EVOLUTION range is a further confirmation, if one is needed, of the importance of experience at the service of creativity and innovation, this range further enhanced thanks to the adoption of the exclusive “ring of steel” system, and which has served to place an even greater chasm between the technological levels achieved by Merlo and its competitors.

1996 - TURBOFARMER, the first handlers specifically developed for agricultural uses.
The capacity of Merlo for anticipating market needs was further confirmed with the launch of a specific range for use in the agricultural sector, featuring no less than 7 models, which can all be homologated as an agricultural tractor.

1998 - PANORAMIC P 26, the arrival of the super-compact series
Striving to maintain technological market leadership Merlo developed a range of ultra-compact handlers known as the P 26 compact series. Machines designed to operate in a whole range of different fields from the farming sector, to the building industry, from nursery gardening to animal management. The range proved immediately popular, being extremely easy to handle, whilst being wonderfullly compact and powerful; and it proved an instant sales success..

1999 - ROTO series EVS, a revolution in stability design
The launch of the new ROTO series EVS range further testified to Merlo’s ongoing commitment to innovation. These new machines, specifically designed for tough, high-altitude working conditions, have the capacity to operate at a height of over 21 metres, and are undoubtedly an expression of the highest levels of telescopic handler technology.
These machines that are world leaders in their own right, feature two exclusive Merlo innovations: a continuous slewing boom system, by means of an electro-hydraulic joint as well as the exclusive machine stability computerized control system.

2000 - MULTIFARMER: the trump card
The launch of the MULTIFARMER, the new fruit of Merlo’s ongoing technological research, once again confirming Merlo’s top place in terms of innovation and research.
The MULTIFARMER is a truly revolutionary multi-purpose machine which lifts and handles loads, operates attachments, works the earth, tows trailers and equipment, whilst at the same time carrying out all the typical functions of a tractor.

2002 - CINGO, the universal tracked carrier range
Merlo enters a new and promising market, that of short distance material transportation, launching a complete range of machines and accessories for a host of different handling needs.
The potential of these compact carriers being further boosted by the possibility of application of a variety of different attachments. So that it was no wonder that these extremely versatile machines proved an immediate market success.

2003 – Launch of the new ROTO 40.25 MCSS
The launch of the new ROTO 40.25 MCSS handler at the Paris INTERMAT 2003, heralded the arrival of a new reference point in terms of high altitude lifting.
Merlo once demonstrated its ability of breaking new ground with this machine that boasts a capacity of 4000 kg and a working height of over 25 metres.

2004 – Innovation in telescopic handler suspension systems
A further step forward in the field of technological advance has been made in the development of two innovative telescopic handler suspension systems.
The B.S.S. (Boom Suspension System) device, acts to hydraulically dampen the force that reaches the telescopic boom.
While the E.A.S. (Electronic Active Suspension) system, acts on the front axle of the PANORAMIC handlers, acting as a true intelligence system, thanks to its hydro-pneumatic dampeners which act as actual suspensions as well as a frame levelling correction device.
In order to cope with the expansion in Research Centre operations the covered surface area of the factory premises in S. Defendente di Cervasca has been further enlarged to a total of 104 000 sqm.

2005 – New Merlo branch in Australia
Merlo Group Australia is the first branch outside Europe and has been set up to be closer to our many Australian customers.
Located at a new industrial site in Perth, it is the reference point for marketing, support and technical-commercial training throughout the country.

2006 – Team spirit
Energy emanates from the most precious resource we have: the faces and histories of the people who work with our machines in every corner of the planet. This energy lies behind the success of new products and the many international awards we have won. Commitment and passion are the drivers of this huge energy. This is the strength of the Merlo Group.
The covered surface of the site in S. Defendente di Cervasca has been expanded to 128 000 m².

2007 - PLATFORM MPR, the new self-propelled system to lift people and tools
With the ease of handling of a motor vehicle, the new system is the evolution of the aerial platform concept and once again confirms Merlo's leadership in the research and development of new technologies. It offers the specialisation of a traditional self-propelled system, the off-road mobility of a telescopic handler and the speed of a platform on a truck.

2010 - EcoPowerDrive - Evolving technology
In the new EcoPowerDrive system all the parameters of the machine are elec-tronically managed. Now, the driver simply defines the travel speed required through the accelerator pedal. The control system automatically defines the engine speed, as well as the hydrostatic ra-tio. The latter is determined with an algorithm that considers the actual operating parame-ters of the machine, through the appropriate sensors, and that achieves and maintains the required speed without further operator intervention. The algorithm is always striving for peak efficiency; the diesel engine is run at the lowest possible speed, reducing noise and fuel consumption.

2010 - Hybrid Merlo, the World's First Eco-handler
Care for the ecology of our planet is often claimed as a 'Mission Statement' by manufac-turers. Now, Merlo has shown that there are more than words to this Statement. Intermat 2012 sees no less than two radical design moves by Merlo, showing the way forward in reducing exhaust and noise emissions of capital plant.

2011 - Merlo CDC – Dynamic Load Control System
With the new advanced Merlo CDC (Dynamic Load Control) system, Merlo is making an-other step forward in safety. Merlo engineers have created an automatic management system for machine stability parameters which allows you to make the most out of your telehandlers. The Merlo CDC system is also designed to reach for the stars in terms of longitudinal sta-bility. When the machine is in motion, this system achieves even better results than the ones prescribed by the recent EN 15000 standard on the longitudinal stability of telescopic handlers.

2012 - The Merlo Group creates his commercial branch in Poland

The Merlo Group corporate strategy has always been focused on research, specialisation and the anticipation of future market needs, and its success is illustrated by the following figures:

  • Merlo Group turnover in 2011: 395 million Euros
  • Factories in Cervasca and Bernezzo (Cuneo): 180 000 m² covered area
  • 6 production and assembly lines for 54 models
  • 11 assembly lines for 6 product ranges: telescopic handlers (65 models),
  • self-propelled access platforms (3 models), concrete mixers (2 models),
  • tool-carriers (8 models), solid urban waste collectors (21 models) and tracked transporters (9 models)         
  • Over 50 000 Merlo machines in operation the world over
  • Five sister companies (France, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Australia)
  • Over 600 dealers world-wide.