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  • Front Loaders

  • Model T229 - Front Loader

    Model T229 - Front Loader

    The front loader is a farming machine mounted at the front frame of a tractor. The loader is intended for loading, unloading and handling bulk materials, e.g. gravel, sand, mineral fertilizers, lime, manure, potatoes, beetroot or wood. It can also facilitate any handling operations on the farm. Depending on the intended work type, the grip can be replaced with a bale grip, a log grip, a silage grip, a bale fork, a manure and straw fork, a pallet fork,...

  • Model T466 - Big Bag Fertiliser Suspended Loader

    Model T466 - Big Bag Fertiliser Suspended Loader

    The T466 suspended loader is intended for lifting and unloading fertilizer Big Bags. The loader can be also used for direct loading of fertilizer spreader load bodies. The loader can be coupled with a tractor along with a fertiliser spreader. The loader is designed for coupling with Class 2 one-man tractors equipped with a driver’s cabin, a fully operational three point hitch and a power take-off shaft. Special adapters are available from the...

  • Front Loader Equipment

  • 700kg Bale Grab

    700kg Bale Grab

    Our bale grab is intended for the transport of straw, hay, and silage bales. It is equipped with one servomotor. The arms float meaning that the closing and the opening of the arms is independent of each other and at different speeds which allows for the grabbing of bales out of a stack without damaging the adjacent bales. A solid and reliable construction of the grabbing arms ensures safe transport of wrapped bales. Possibility of mounting...

  • Trailers

  • Barrow  - Model T930 – 6t - Trailer

    Barrow - Model T930 – 6t - Trailer

    The T930 barrow is a universal carrier for various materials (e.g. beetroots, wheat grains, sand, etc.). The trailer is unloaded manually or by tipping the load body to the rear. The body tips up to the right angle, which facilitates easy discharge. The machine is relatively short, which makes it manoeuvrable in tight corners. It also features a pneumatic brake system and a hydraulic system powered from the coupled tractor.

  • Manure Spreaders

  • Model N267/1 – 6t - Manure Spreader

    Model N267/1 – 6t - Manure Spreader

    The N267/1 manure spreader with the loading capacity of 6T on a double suspension is equipped with a four drum vertical adapter tilted forward, which guarantees an even, wide spreading of manure. The drums spin in pairs in opposite directions ( looking from the rear of the machine – two right ones – counter clockwise, two left ones – clock wise). Every drum is balanced in order to reduce vibrations during operation. High quality...