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  • Sidekick Grapple

    Sidekick Grapple

    Revocable grapple conceived to handle any sort of metallic debris among the rocks.  Pinch activated by an hydraulic cylinder.  Weight of 620 lbs made of steel Weldox 100 activated by a cylinder to retract grapple after usage. The grapple is made of specialized steel Weldox 100 to increase the resistance to shocks and diminish the weight. Hydraulic system activated by entrails. Grapple opens to maximum of 9 inches.

  • Tire Handler

    Tire Handler

    Handle your huge tires very easily with this tire handler

  • Ashalt Cutter

    Ashalt Cutter

    The asphalt cutter can be posonnalise for any quick attach for the costumer needs. The system does works with the weight of the machinery and it's hydraulic pressure. The disc penetrates in the asphalt to make a clean cut. The system does not require any extra engine.