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  • Pull Type Sprayers

    Pull Type Sprayers

    Track width: Adjustable trail from 1,40 to 2,10 mtr. Chassis: 6 mm thick material, U-profile shape. Tires: Model traction 12.4 x 28, Optional: Double wheel mounting, 7,50 x 20. Main tank: New design, volume of 2.000 liters. Spraying boom: Spraying boom with automatic leveling adjustment and central suspension by accumulators to absolve shocks. The boom is equipped with skids to protect from impact on soil. 18 meters spraying boom, hydraulically...

  • Model Axial Max 1475 - Combine Harvesters

    Model Axial Max 1475 - Combine Harvesters

    General: Class 7, Axial Flow, Grain,Corn/Soybean, Special set for Rice. Feeding: Feeder Type: Chain and slat conveyor, Length (mm): 1800, Width (mm): 1400, Reverser: Hydraulically powered, Feeder Lateral Tilt: Manual or automatic.