Metálicas Llorente, S. A.

Metálicas Llorente, S. A.

Metálicas Llorente, S. A.

Metálicas Llorente, S. A. is a Company that manufactures and sells agricultural machinery and other industrial components. Its products are well established in Spain, and it has been in the market since 1952, always improving and adapting to the changing demand. Its aim of quality and service has always been recognized by its clients, shown by the high degree of customer loyalty to their products. Our main activity is focused in the design, manufacture and sales of a wide range of agricultural machinery. All our machines have the homologations to road and work inside the European Union and in other International Markets. The General Manager and all our highly qualified Human Resources personnel are open to design, develop, manufacture, patent and sale any new propositions. Do not hesitate to contact with us for any information, doubt or idea.

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Avenida de Burgos, 23 , Sasamón (Burgos) , 09123 Spain
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Thus began

The past century was in its infancy when young Julio Llorente set up a small workshop in Sasamón to build animal-drawn carts to transport farm products.

The beginnings were hard, continuous work allowed to develop from scratch every piece of wood or iron, and so was content riding each car until it was finished.

Soon the children came and went in support of enlargement.

When the first son, Santiago, turned 14 years sent a workshop building winnow machines in Cantalejo where he learned new techniques and their subsequent incorporation into the family business allowed to undertake more specialized.

But James had other concerns that were stifled by the immobility of his father and began a solo activity.

The year was 1952 when Llorente was established as the principle of our company.

The adventure began in a small garage where Santiago Llorente with the help of his wife and make your first sale after starting the construction of a mule cart with advanced features.

The satisfaction of her first client was such that soon began to request services from the area farmers who came to appreciate the improvements in their cars.

Only two years after the opening of wheelwrights workshop saw the first expansion and relocation to new larger premises.

After five years of building cars begins a new experience in making the first trailer for mules with rubber wheels and all-wood structure. It was a breakthrough. He hired his first apprentice .... The year was 1957.

Until 1966 the industry was expanding every year with the acquisition and demolition of adjacent lots or houses. In 1966 he built the first factory of 900 square meters dedicated to construction trailers.

In 1979 Outside the town of Sasamón inaugurates new plant of 2,000 square meters. The manufactured items are expanded, new markets are national, the template is multiplied and manufacturing is becoming more specialized.

1990 arrives and D. Santiago Llorente reaches retirement leaving a company with a sound and well-established prospects.


Metálicas Llorente, S.A. is created which reflects the experience and track record of cutting the family company had been operating since 1952.

The company's business has evolved so that today's products are made of various kinds in the market of agricultural machinery and at the same time in the industry.

We have a highly qualified team in the design and engineering of new product development.

We are focused on the manufacture of new items that we design and develop according to the instructions of our clients looking for perfection in each of the machines we manufacture. That is why we have several patents among which the assembly of a transport system for planters.

The quality of our products is recognized by our customers, and from the beginning has been the basis on which the company has moved.