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  • Machine Lumber Grading Systems

  • HCLT - Model 7200  - High Capacity Lumber Tester

    HCLT - Model 7200 - High Capacity Lumber Tester

    Grades dimension lumber at speeds up to and exceeding 3600 ft/minute (1098 m/minute). Certified for MSR, MEL, E-Rated Lumber, MGP, and MSG grades. Measures stiffness directly to accurately determine modulus of elasticity (E). Provides best grading accuracy and consistency for the best profit. Applies stress over the full length of the lumber. Features patented 'Stressed in Bending' mechanics: the only technology that responds accurately to grain...

  • Model 312 - Bending Proof Tester

    Model 312 - Bending Proof Tester

    Industry-standard Bending Proof Tester for quality control testing of structural dimension lumber. Rigid mechanical design provides for accurate measurement over a full range of dimension lumber sizes and grades. Tests North American or metric size lumber. New Digital Force Measurement System. Multi-point E measurement. Simplified operation for combined E and proof load measurements

  • Panel Testers

  • Model 840  - Rail Shear Tester

    Model 840 - Rail Shear Tester

    The Metriguard Model 840 Rail Shear Tester provides two modes of operation, the first simulating traditional 2-rail fixture operation with the load applied diagonally, and a second mode in which the shear stress is applied parallel with the long dimension of the specimen. Touch-screen computer mounts on swing arm above operator station for convenient control and data collection. 

  • Model 820 - Panel Tester

    Model 820 - Panel Tester

    The TECO QL-2 Panel Performance Tester is a fully automated, computer-controlled machine designed to perform testing which is consistent with PS 2-07 concentrated static, impact load, and deflection test requirements. The QL-2 is equipped with a 'floating bed' that facilitates impact testing. The QL-2 tests panels for:

  • Guardrail Post Tester

  • Model 242  - Guardrail Post Tester

    Model 242 - Guardrail Post Tester

    Metriguard has developed a prototype device to detect internal decay in wood guardrail posts. This lightweight, portable device is easy to use and can quickly assess the quality of an installed post. While this device is still in the development stage, we believe that a commercial version will be an invaluable diagnostic tool for highway asset management. Future development includes devices specifically designed to detect decay in wood utility poles...

  • Grain Angle Meters

  • Model 512 - Grain Angle Meter

    Model 512 - Grain Angle Meter

    Measuring grain angle in cylindrical wood pieces is now easy, quick and accurate with the Metriguard Model 512 Grain Angle Meter. The Model 512 is a simple, easy to use handheld device that can also accommodate tapered wood cylinders such as baseball bats and pool cues. The Model 512 Grain Angle Meter is particularly useful when evaluating diffuse-porous wood species such as maple and birch, where grain angle along the tangential face (flat-face) is...

  • Model 511  - Grain Angle Meter

    Model 511 - Grain Angle Meter

    The Model 511 Grain Angle Meter measures grain angle in wood as the direction of maximum dielectric permittivity projected onto a flat surface of the wood relative to a reference direction. The Model 511 consist of a stationary detector, operating controls, digital display, and USB port integrated into a handlheld unit.