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Metrolina Greenhouses

Metrolina Greenhouses is a family-owned, wholesale plant and services company that started business in April 1972. We are the largest single-site heated greenhouse in the United States at 162 acres under roof. If you are familiar with the Charlotte region you could note that our size is comparable to 4 Concord Mills Malls which could fit inside the greenhouse! In addition we have approximately 30 acres of outdoor growing space and are still expanding. Metrolina Greenhouses is one of the most automated greenhouses in the United States and has many internally designed machines from automatic plant transplanters to mechanical shipping belts. We employ 625 people year round, and 200 additional people in the spring and fall peaks.

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16400 Huntersville Concord Road , Huntersville , North Carolina 28078 USA
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Company History Timeline:

In 1972 Metrolina Greenhouses was founded by Tom and Vickie VanWingerden who immigrated to the US from The Netherlands. They moved to Charlotte, NC in the spring and rented a 20,000 square foot greenhouse on Old Statesville Road. This location was quickly outgrown and they moved the company to its current headquarters in Huntersville, NC where they bought an 80 acre tract of land. The first greenhouse was a one acre plastic covered structure. The first customers for these plants were Woolworth and the local retail trade. The business continued to expand and grow as the customers’ needs dictated. During the first 10 years of existence, food chains were the biggest customers. The business at that time was mainly spring, April 1st through Mother’s Day, and Poinsettias for the Christmas season. This pattern continued into the early 1980’s and the business grew with it.

The 1980’s was the era of automation for us. We asked “How do we do tasks faster, at a lower cost, and minimize physical labor?” Tom VanWingerden was a naturally gifted engineer and was crucial in developing much of the automation that has enabled Metrolina to succeed. He was also very instrumental in the introduction of automated transplanters. He came up with the design of the Metroplanter and began to sell them across the United States. Although we don’t sell transplanters anymore, many greenhouses today use transplanters, which all began here at Metrolina Greenhouses. As of 1982 the business had grown to a size of 12 acres. Grocery Chains were still the main customer, but we started to sell to big box retailers who saw a larger need for high quality product from regional growers.

The 1990’s marked a greater focus on breeding. Metrolina started growing plants from vegetative cuttings in addition to growing product from seed. By 1996 we had grown to a size of 50 acres. During this time we introduced a moving table system in to our greenhouse to minimize strenuous labor. We also installed the ECHO hanging basket system into the greenhouse to help with the shipping and growing of baskets. We started selling to Home Improvement chains and increased our business with big box retailers. At that point, many retailers were starting to include greenhouses into their store designs, which enabled us (and them) to sell product year round.

During the 2000’s, we placed more emphasis on marketing and packaging. We started to learn what the consumer wanted and developed whole programs around that. During the last 10 years, we have seen our growth go from 50 acres to 150 acres of greenhouse space and production. We have also become a logistics solution for our customers by utilizing contract growers who help us grow product during our peak times. The recycled/reclaimed water from our retention ponds (no public water sources are utilized in the production of our plants) is run through an extensive filtering system and then re-used throughout the greenhouse. We use up to 1 million gallons of water per day.

2010 until now has marked an increased focus on logistics and shipping. We have tweaked our shipping process to be the most efficient possible. Technology is king these days, and we are joining forces with it instead of shying away from it. Our employees have access to key information from home and many retailers are equipped with iPhones and iPads for better on-the-spot customer service. We are continuing to expand and grow as we celebrate our 40th Anniversary and we thank everyone who has been a part of it.

We are happy that you have stopped by our site to find out more about our exciting company and our beautiful plants. Our commitment to superior quality and service is but one of the many contributing factors that has made us an award winning industry leader. We hope that you will enjoy your plants as much as we enjoy growing them! Although we do not sell directly to the public you can use our Store Locator to find the locations closest to you that have Metrolina Greenhouses plants for sale.

We ship to Big Box Retailers, Mass Merchandisers, Home Improvement Chains and other greenhouses along the East Coast. Our product typically stays within a 500 mile radius of the greenhouse, but that puts us in most states on the East Coast. During our peak season (March-June) we ship over 150 trailer loads of product a day!.

Other Noted Facts:

  • We use up to 700,000 gallons of water every day.
  • For every 1 inch of rain that falls on the greenhouse, our roof and pond system allow us to collect and store 3 million gallons of water in 25 acres of retention ponds. This allows us to use recycled/recaptured water on all of our crops.
  • All the air in the greenhouse is exchanged every minute during the summer months for cooling due to our unique open-roof greenhouse design.
  • 75% of the greenhouse is cooled using passive “MX” style ventilation (our famous open roof system!)
  • We use 7 tractor trailer loads of sustainably harvested Canadian Sphagnum peat moss each week (because our plants are grown in a sphagnum peat moss based mix).
  • We heat the greenhouse during the cooler months with biomass fuel via our wood-driven boilers. We produce over 2 billion BTU’s of heat while being environmentally friendly.
  • We produce 90,000,000 Seedling and Cutting plugs which in turn produce:
    • 5,000,000 Hardy Mums
    • 4,000,000 Summer Annuals
    • 2,800,000 Hanging Baskets
    • 3,000,000 Poinsettias
    • 1,200,000 Bedding Plant Flats