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  • Acapulco Lily

    Acapulco Lily

    Acapulco Lily Available For Wholesale Bulk Purchase And Special Orders. Acapulco Lily and all other varieties of Lilies are available for wholesale purchase. Lilies are one of the most impressive, sturdy and versatile flowers used in floral designs and weddings. Known for their fragrance and large bloom size –They come in shades of purples, lavenders, pinks and white. Lilies come as a single stem with several blooms and buds at the top of the...

  • Alstroemeria Salsa

    Alstroemeria Salsa

    Alstroemeria Salsa and all other varieties of Alstroemeria are one of the most long lasting and colorful family of flowers available. Also known as Peruvian Lilies, they come in almost every color, are available year round and make an affordable - yet upscale filler flower. On average, each stem of Alstroemeria has 3 to 5 blooms. All varieties generally come in with the bloom closed, it is recommended ordering them 2 to 4 days before use in order to...