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  • Agricultural Tires- Tractors

  • Agribib - Agriculture Tire

    Agribib - Agriculture Tire

    Deep lugs, low slip and optimized rubber compounds help reduce wear to give exceptionally long tire life. A sharp verticle lug design allows the MICHELIN® Agribib® tire to retain traction even when 70% worn.

  • MULTIBIB - Agricultural Tires

    MULTIBIB - Agricultural Tires

    Compared to standard radials, a wider tread and longer sidewall flexing zone give the MICHELIN® MULTIBIB a much larger footprint.

  • XEOBIB - Agricultural Tires

    XEOBIB - Agricultural Tires

    Everywhere at less than 14psi, the right tire for your soil and profitability. MICHELIN XeoBib functions at its best at very low pressure (less than or equal to 14 psi) with the sidewalls offering high flexibility while remaining very strong. Your benefit: a considerable reduction in ruts and compaction thanks to a larger footprint and better load distribution.

  • Omnibib - Agricultural Tires

    Omnibib - Agricultural Tires

    The MICHELIN Omnibib radial offers up to a 14% higher load capacity* than a standard radial, when used on front-end loaders. The MICHELIN Omni bib radial is a 70 series tire offered in North America with a “D” (40 mph) speed rating. Ultra-flexible sidewalls help maintain outstanding operator comfort, regardless of road speed.

  • Agricultural Tires- Combines

  • CerexBib  - Agricultural Tires

    CerexBib - Agricultural Tires

    MICHELIN CerexBib functions at low pressure (1) due to modern tire design not used in standard technology tires. Your benefit: a considerable reduction in rut formation and compaction thanks to the perfect load distribution on a larger footprint. Thanks to MICHELIN Ultraflex Technologies, the MICHELIN CerexBib tire will carry up to 20% more load than standard technology tires at the same pressure. CerexBib allows a farmer...

  • MEGAXBIB - Agricultural Tires

    MEGAXBIB - Agricultural Tires

    Excellent choice for situations where flotation and reduced compaction are critical. A huge footprint combined with two steel crown belt plies, allows the MICHELIN MEGAXB IB tire to carry extremely heavy loads. Wide, deep, straight lugs and flat, stable tread help provide more even wear. Less down time, fewer tires needed over time.

  • Agricultural Tires- Sprayers

  • MULTIBIB - Agricultural Tires

    MULTIBIB - Agricultural Tires

    Compared to standard radials, a wider tread and longer sidewall flexing zone give the MICHELIN MULTIBIB a much larger footprint. The MICHELIN MULTIBIB offers 35% longer tire service life when compared to the Michelin  XM108 radial. The Michelin MultiBib radial is a 65 series tire capable of carrying high loads at 40 mph.

  • SPRAYBIB - Agricultural Tires

    SPRAYBIB - Agricultural Tires

    New stubble-resistant design offers better mobility with an exceptionally large footprint. Designed to provide excellent traction, reduced soil compaction and improved stability, regardless of weather or soil conditions.Note: All of the above tires are tubeless but can be mounted with a tube. Note: Max. Load and Max. Inflation Pressure are  20 mph. Note: Product measurements are subject to change and are listed here for your convenience, please...