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  • MULTIBIB - Agricultural Tires

    MULTIBIB - Agricultural Tires

    Compared to standard radials, a wider tread and longer sidewall flexing zone give the MICHELIN MULTIBIB a much larger footprint. The MICHELIN MULTIBIB offers 35% longer tire service life when compared to the Michelin  XM108 radial. The Michelin MultiBib radial is a 65 series tire capable of carrying high loads at 40 mph.

  • SPRAYBIB - Agricultural Tires

    SPRAYBIB - Agricultural Tires

    New stubble-resistant design offers better mobility with an exceptionally large footprint. Designed to provide excellent traction, reduced soil compaction and improved stability, regardless of weather or soil conditions.Note: All of the above tires are tubeless but can be mounted with a tube. Note: Max. Load and Max. Inflation Pressure are  20 mph. Note: Product measurements are subject to change and are listed here for your convenience, please...