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  • Kioti - Model CK30 - Tractor

    Kioti - Model CK30 - Tractor

    There’s a lot to love in the CK Series. Such as the industry’s simplest maintenance and an ultra-quiet, low vibration, environmentally friendly Daedong diesel engine. All CK series tractors also feature suspended brake and clutch pedals to maximize the operator platform for ease of movement.

  • Kioti - Model SB50 - Front Mount Snowblower

    Kioti - Model SB50 - Front Mount Snowblower

    Clear the way with KIOTI Front Mount Snowblowers. They quickly hitch to the sub-frame for easy mounting and operate on a mid-mount PTO drive, offering plenty of snow blasting power. Available for all CS and CK tractors and most DKSE tractors. All units come with a 12-month warranty.

  • Befco - Model 250 - Green-Rite

    Befco - Model 250 - Green-Rite

    The Green-Rite is a one pass tool which aerates, seeds (or fertilizes), levels and compacts the soil to improve seed germination. It is easy to use and performs several simultaneous operations allowing you to save time and fuel costs, while offering superb results. The machine is equipped with an aerator rotor powered by the tractor PTO; its straight blades on narrow flanges allow the implement to overseed with minimum damage to existing turf. A...

  • Befco - Model BBS-060 - Box Scrapers

    Befco - Model BBS-060 - Box Scrapers

    Befco's simple & rugged box scrapers are made for tractors up to 60 horsepower and come complete with 2 bolt on blades with reversible cutting edge, 4 position hardened ripping shanks, roll formed moldboard and a reinforced box design, all built into one of the toughest box scrapers on the market today.

  • Befco - Model RS2-02R - Finger Wheel Rakes

    Befco - Model RS2-02R - Finger Wheel Rakes

    Befco's finger wheel rakes lift the hay gently even from uneven terrain and may also be used for raking, turning or spreading swaths. Its fast working speeds make it possible to cover large acreage quickly. Also, having no gears, chains or other drive components to wear out, the finger wheel rake is truly a low maintenance tool. The finger wheel rakes are ideal for tractors from 30 to 80 horsepower with a Cat. 1 or 2 hitch.

  • Ferris - Model H2224KAV W/R61 - 3-Wheel Riders

    Ferris - Model H2224KAV W/R61 - 3-Wheel Riders

    The ProCut S 3-wheel riding mower features a simple design for easy operation and serviceability. The 3-wheel lawn mower was the first commercial mower Ferris ever produced in 1986. The ProCut S, featuring mower suspension technology, enhances speed and comfort. The improved height-of-cut control makes changing grass cut height a snap. If you desire a 3-wheel mower with high visibility and want to reduce your yard work time under low hanging...