MICO, Incorporated

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  • Brakes

  • MICO - Model 515 Series - Caliper Disc Brakes

    MICO - Model 515 Series - Caliper Disc Brakes

    This is a floating designed brake. A mechanical lever and cam system applies and releases these brakes. It uses a 5/16 to ½ inch thick rotor disc of 6 inch diameter or larger. It is ideal for secondary, emergency, and industrial applications.

  • MICO - Multiple Disc Brakes

    MICO - Multiple Disc Brakes

    Spring apply hydraulic release multiple disc brakes, closed output motor brakes, posi-torque winch brakes, pressure override brakes, and wheel mount brakes. Brakes are available in a variety of SAE mounting configurations.

  • Cylinders

  • MICO - Wheel Cylinders

    MICO - Wheel Cylinders

    These wheel cylinders are available in a variety of special strokes, mountings, and capacities used for drum and shoe brake actuation.

  • MICO - Brake Actuator

    MICO - Brake Actuator

    MICO manufactures hayraulic brake actuators for direct installation on CNH off-highway, heavy-duty drive axles. CNH drive axles contain internal brakes that are operated by means of integral mechanical pull-rods. The MICO Hydraulic Brake Actuators install directly onto the pull-rods to provide hydraulic control to apply and release the axle brakes.

  • Fluid Reservoirs

  • MICO - Fluid Reservoirs

    MICO - Fluid Reservoirs

    Fluid reservoirs can be mounted directly or remotely to a variety of actuators in many types of hydraulic systems. MICO offers two styles of fluid reservoirs. A rust proof metal design and a high strength fire resistant translucent Polyallomer design.