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Micro is dedicated to innovating advanced dairy solutions that increase the profits of our industry partners through the use of cutting edge, technology-based dairy management solutions.

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P.O. Box 9262 , Amarillo , Texas 79105 USA

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With superior nutrition, health, information, and marketing management technologies as well as efficacious feed ingredient and animal health product programs, Micro Dairy Logic is dedicated to innovating advanced dairy solutions that increase the profits of our industry partners through the use of cutting-edge, technology-based dairy management solutions.”.

  • Micro Dairy Logic began operation in September of 2005, in Amarillo, Texas.  A division of Micro Beef Technologies, our purpose is to address the needs of today’s Dairy Industry.  Who is Micro Beef Technologies?
  • Micro Dairy Logic is a cutting-edge, research and development-based innovator of patented computerized management systems for comprehensive individual animal information collection and management decision-making.
  • Since 1971, Micro Beef Technologies and now Micro Dairy Logic has established a 35-year track record of innovating more computerized management systems and products for the beef and dairy industry than any other single source. MBT is the world’s largest real-time, computerized fed beef management systems manufacturer.
  • Micro Dairy Logic offers producers the broadest range of integrated tools, solutions, and expertise in the fields of information systems, marketing management, health and nutrition program administration, and individual animal tracking.
  • MBT pioneered the beef industry’s first individual animal identification and food safety assurance tracking system in 1986 with millions of animals individually tracked since then.
  • Micro Beef Technologies pioneered beef’s most advanced individual animal identification, measurement, sorting, management, marketing, and tracking system in the early 1990’s -- The ACCU-TRAC Electronic Cattle Management System. The ACCU-TRAC concept has dramatically expanded since then encompassing a comprehensive spectrum of systems and services including ACCU–TRAC DAIRY.

Micro’s portfolio includes 50 United States, United Kingdom, Canadian, and Australian patented inventions. The majority of the American fed beef industry uses and benefits from technologies from MBT.