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  • Electronics & Microelectronics

  • Model CI3D - Ceramic 3D Interconnect Devices

    Model CI3D - Ceramic 3D Interconnect Devices

    Microelectronic circuits continuously require new packaging technologies. Ceramic substrates are widely used in this field for their good dimension stability, high electrical insulation as well as their resistance to high temperature. But it is now possible to create microelectronic circuits on 3D carriers made with ceramics. This new type of component integrates electrical and mechanical functions on a same carrier, which gives a wider scope in...

  • Components for Microelectronics

    Components for Microelectronics

    Advanced ceramics offer significant advantages over metals and plastics for use in the microelectronics. Ceramics are considered for their high electrical insulation, full dimensional stability at high temperatures, no outgasing in vacuum and UHV environment, and resistance to temperature variations. Finally, the majority of ceramics show high thermal insulating properties but conversly a few of them offer high thermal...