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MicroMist Systems has enjoyed a long, proud history serving many varied industries. Founded over thirty years ago as Baumac International, the company was a pioneer in fogging technology. Baumac`s engineering and production capacities were vertically integrated with Sorenson Engineering, Inc., a long-time force in the precision Swiss lathe products industry. Collaboration with Sorenson led to the development of the most advanced fogging nozzle in the industry - the MX8. In fact, much of our product line is based on the same ideals as the Swiss watch-making industry: precision, durability, consistency, and quality. In August 2001, Baumac was acquired by Sorenson Engineering and became MicroMist Systems, a Division of Sorenson Engineering, Inc.

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32032 Dunlap Blvd. , Yucaipa , California 92399 USA

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Water and Wastewater
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Decades of research, development, and application experience have culminated in the current design of the MicroMist System - the pinnacle of the fogging industry spanning a wide range of applications. Additionally, our MicroMist fog systems have helped establish 'fog' as the most efficient method of climate control for numerous applications.

As the fogging industry leader, MicroMist Systems is committed to state of the art technology, sophisticated production techniques, and the highest quality materials in the manufacture of its fog systems.

The MicroMist Systems commitment to product integrity and system performance is backed by a worldwide distribution network and a team of knowledgeable service and technical personnel. On-site evaluation and technical support is available before, during and after installation. With equipment on six continents and over 3,000 installations in the last ten years alone, we are confident the MicroMist System can achieve results in even the most challenging environments.

While fog technology has changed significantly in the past four decades, one company has continued to lead the industry in the design and manufacture of high performance fog systems.

In service through out the world, and effective in nearly all types of climates, MicroMist Systems are used extensively to modify temperature and humidity for a variety of applications in many different environments.

The heart of the MicroMist fog system is the specially designed MX8 atomizing nozzle, which atomizes pressurized water. The premise behind this technology is relatively simple: as water evaporates, the surrounding air is cooled and humidified. The MicroMist System is engineered to maximize these effects in a controlled manner, while maintaining cost-effectiveness. The MicroMist System is also commonly used to evenly apply chemical concentrates for purposes such as disinfecting, fertilizing, odor abatement, and pest control.

Droplet / Particle Size

There is much speculation throughout the evaporative cooling industry regarding the ideal size of individual water particles comprising mist or fog. Recently, independent research by a division of Total Refineries, as well as the University of La Rochelle in France, has revealed that there is minimal difference in evaporation time for particles smaller than 50 microns in diameter. At 30% relative humidity, for example, a particle 20 µ in diameter evaporates in less than .05 seconds, while a 40 µ particle evaporates in .19 seconds - a difference of only .14 seconds.

The fog created by the MicroMist System consists of particles averaging 19 µ in diameter at 1500 PSI (105 Bar), with 90% of all particles under 55 µ. Combined with a projection pattern designed to minimize particle conglomeration away from the nozzle, the MicroMist System creates a fog that truly can evaporate efficiently.

Advantages over impaction pin nozzle design

The MicroMist System's MX8 Atomizing Nozzle is engineered for maximum performance in a wide range of environments. Claims have been made by other fog system suppliers that the impaction pin nozzle design, which atomizes water externally, is a better alternative. Listed below are some of the significant design differences between these two nozzle types. Read on to see how superior design, performance and quality are ample justification for choosing the MX8 over the impaction pin type nozzle.

Advantages over pad cooling techology (greenhouse & poultry)

The theoretical potential for evaporative cooling is essentially the same for both cooling pads and MicroMist fog systems. Properly designed, both can reduce temperature to within 4°F (2°C) of wet bulb temperature. The primary difference between the two technologies is that cooling pad systems utilize manufactured cellulose media to suspend moisture in an air stream, while the MicroMist System atomizes water to a fine spray, suspending it in the air for evaporation.