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  • MicroMist - Atomizing Nozzles

    MicroMist - Atomizing Nozzles

    MicroMist Systems has been leading the industry in the development of high performance fog systems for more than three decades. Based on a solid foundation of engineering expertise in Sorenson Engineering, Inc., MicroMist Systems has developed the most advanced fogging nozzle in the industry - the MX8. The MX8 is an internally-atomizing nozzle, designed for maximum durability and evaporation efficiency.

  • MicroMist - Atomizing Nozzle Tubing

    MicroMist - Atomizing Nozzle Tubing

    Utilizing highly specialized tooling and a patented process developed exclusively by MicroMist Systems, MX8 Atomizing Nozzles are factory installed into Type 316 stainless steel tubing. Completion of critical manufacturing steps in the factory Stainless steel Atomizing Nozzle Tubing by skilled technicians assures product integrity and simplifies on-site assembly.

  • MicroMist - Special Considerations

    MicroMist - Special Considerations

    We often encounter special specifications requirements for configuration of Pressurization Filtration Control Modules. In most cases, we are happy to accomodate unique customer needs, such as specific area ratings requirements, floor space constraints, or additional incorporated components.