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We deal direct so we consistently offer the best deals in Australia. Whether you are looking for a small hobby farm tractor, a larger tractor or a commercial crawler tractor we can help. We have been in the game since 1994 so we understand the needs of Aussie customers and work hard to develop products that best suit our market. We have our own 5 acre proving ground to push prototypes to their limit to ensure they are strong and reliable. We then work closely with selected Chinese manufacturers to have our products built to our strict specifications. All products are built at accredited factories and we even base our own quality control staff on site to ensure our high standards are maintained. Thousands of customers Australia wide have chosen us because we back our product with comprehensive warranty, strong spare parts availability and industry leading local service agents.

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252 Eastern Service Road, Bruce Highway , Burpengary , Queensland 4505 Australia

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Thousands of Australian farmers have made the Midway Sales choice

We have been meeting the needs of Australian Lifestyle Farmers for well over a decade. Thousands of farmers all over Australia are East Wind owners because we deliver great performing tractors at an affordable price. And now we offer local service backup to complete our package. This is how we do it.

East Wind tractors are built to our specification in China under our strict quality control
Our tractors are purpose built for the Australian lifestyle farmer. Ongoing development over many years has enabled us to understand the demands of Australian conditions and prove our reliability. We work in close association with the factory and even employ our own staff in China to ensure quality standards are maintained. And as an added measure a rigorous pre-delivery quality control process is implemented at our local assembly plants. Qualified technicians conduct comprehensive quality audits and every tractor is field tested.

We sell direct to the farmer without a dealer profit margin in between
When you buy a tractor from Midway Sales, there is no middleman. We focus on providing great service directly to the farmer and don’t worry about dealers. By dealing directly with our distribution centres you can make great savings and get a much better quality tractor for your money.

We put together implement packages that give you more bang for your buck

Our years of experience have shown us the popular combinations of implements that have proven to work for Australian lifestyle farmers. We then put together brilliant package prices on implements that we also source directly.

We have a local service network to back up our tractors in your area
A tractor, dozer or implements from Midway Sales is a smart choice because you also get the backing of our national network of local service agents to look after your ongoing servicing needs. And we back the network with our technical experts, a comprehensive inventory of spare parts and a variety of warranty options depending on the machinery you purchase.

We help you make the right choice for your property
We’ve been in the game a long time. We’ve figured out how to make your tractor package choice simple. Talk to our experienced sales people and we’ll take you through the steps.