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  • FUDA - Model F30B - Blade Dozer with PTO

    FUDA - Model F30B - Blade Dozer with PTO

    The Fuda F30B is a mighty little dozer. Purpose built to cut and push dirt, this is the ideal machine for cutting a driveway or track. It’s also great for levelling a pad for a shed or rainwater tanks and very handy for clearing scrub. The 6 way blade gives you ultimate control. A simple joystick enables you to lift the blade up and down to control how much material you cut or push at a time. Angling the blade out to the left or right enables...

  • DongFeng - Model ZB25 - Tractor

    DongFeng - Model ZB25 - Tractor

    If you are working to a tight budget but want the reliability of a new machine and the advantages of 4WD and an optional 4 in 1 loader, you can’t go past the ZB25 tractor. A proven diesel engine matched to a utility design lets you take on many tasks around the farm. A tough 4WD tractor you can rely on provides ample traction for fl at and hilly country. The 1.5 litre 25HP engine delivers strong economical power that won’t let you down.