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  • Dairy Products

  • Headlocks and Pen Panels

    Headlocks and Pen Panels

    Our headlocks and pen panels are made with only the highest quality materials. Available in heavy-duty galvanized gates and dent-resistant fiberglass gates and fencing that will NEVER rust, rot, or corrode....guaranteed! We have a wide variety of gate latches, brackets, accessory wheels, and mounting options available.

  • Vinyl Dairy Curtains

    Vinyl Dairy Curtains

    The Midwest Livestock Freestall Curtain System offers dairy producers various options to fit their budget needs. Wind retainer choices include 3/16” nylon cord, seat belt strapping, ¾” galvanized conduit or super heavy duct 1-3/8” galvanized pipe. Curtain material options include 10 oz. frosty clear, 13 oz. transluscent vinyl & 18 oz. white vinyl. Midwest also offers timely & efficient installation of curtain systems...

  • Dual Chamber Cow Waterbeds

    Dual Chamber Cow Waterbeds

    The dual chamber design allows the cows pressure points, (knees, hocks, and udder) to float. Floating pressure points prevent skin abrasion and hock swelling.

  • BIGspring Cattle Waterers

    BIGspring Cattle Waterers

    Miraco BIGspring Livestock Waterers are specifically designed for beef and dairy cattle. These large-capacity systems fit most cattle needs and are the preferred choice of cattle and dairy producers. All BIGspring waterers have a 5-year warranty. If you raise beef or dairy cows, you are sure to find the perfect Bigspring model to fit your needs.

  • Swine Products

  • Rotecna - Model Mini - Hopper Pan Feeder

    Rotecna - Model Mini - Hopper Pan Feeder

    It is crucial that the piglets start eating creep feeds as early as possible, as this will improve their adaptation in the post-weaning period where their feed source will chang drastically.

  • Poultry Products

  • Ecodrum


    The ecodrum is a cost-effective composter designed to continuously manage farm animal mortality in an environmentally sound way. The drum has been designed for large-scale animal production areas