Milestone designs and manufactures several types of quality potato equipment. Accusizers, Water Wheels, Even Flow Tubs, Splitters, Halvers and More. Milestone Accusizers and Inline units work great for warehouse use. Both Accusizers and Inline units are accurate and easy to operate. Milestone`s Even Flow Tub comes in various capacities and produces a consistent flow of potatoes. Milestone also builds Spliters, Halvers, Water Wheels and Track Tillers.

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395 West Hwy 39 , Blackfoot , Idaho 83221 USA

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We offer custom built products, unique products as well as a great warranty on our products. 

In 1961, Merthin Miles, Scott Brown and Owen Ward made a commitment to build a seed cutter they believed would change the potato industry. Through their energy and resources, along with hard work and many trials and tribulations, the Milestone Seed Cutter became a reality. The seed cutter was the first product built by Milestone and today represents the industry standard for potato seed cutters. 

Not satisfied with just producing the finest cutters available, Milestone has diversified its product line since its humble beginnings and today designs and manufactures quality Sizers, Eliminators, Pilers, Conveyors, Treaters and more.  Each machine built by Milestone incorporates many of the latest technologies and innovations while at the same time drawing upon Milestone’s years of experience.  Focusing on Cutters and Handling Equipment has allowed Milestone to dedicate time and resources into developing some of the most innovative and effective pieces of potato handling equipment and cutters available today.     

At Milestone we are still looking ahead to the new challenges our customers may face and how we can help solve them. Our ambitious research and development plan hasn't slowed down since Merthin, Scott and Owen made their commitment to the industry all those years ago; and that guarantees Milestone will stay at the forefront of the potato equipment industry. 

Located in Blackfoot, Idaho U.S.A, Milestone is backed by years of experience and a reliable dealer network throughout the world.