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  • Maestosa - Rotary Milking Parlor

    Maestosa - Rotary Milking Parlor

    Maestosa Milkline rotary milking parlors are designed for farms that have a large number of dairy cows and aim at the best operational effectiveness. Maestosa Milkline is characterized by very high milking performance due to rigorous, constant and regular operation. High milk yields are obtained while respecting animal wellness. The cows can reach the milking stalls quickly and easily, thus reducing the competitive behaviour among the animals. The...

  • Musicale - Parallel Milking Parlor

    Musicale - Parallel Milking Parlor

    Musicale Milkline is a parallel milking parlor designed to provide top safety and comfort both to the operator and the cows. Musicale Milkline is designed to ensure quick animal entrance, while being comfortable and well-ordered. Cows stand perpendicularly to the edge of the milking pit and this kind of layout reduces the operator's movements because of the shorter distance between milking points. The structure of the milking stalls allows for a quick...

  • Morbida - Herringbone Milking Parlour

    Morbida - Herringbone Milking Parlour

    Morbida Milkline is a herringbone milking parlour which allows the combination of modern milking technology with high performance and low investment costs. Milkline herringbone milking parlours are available in three types: 30° side milking, 60° and, 70° rear milking. Due to their shape and layout, the 60° and 70° parlours are ideal for implementing a pre-existing parlour or for enhancing the use of the spaces. The milking stalls...

  • Magica - Top Swing Milking Parlor

    Magica - Top Swing Milking Parlor

    Top Swing Milkline is an ideal solution for average and large dairy farms sizes, and it that is efficient and reliable with the presence of only one operator. Top Swing is a central aisle milking parlor where the milking units are alternatively used on both sides. The Top Swing parlor is characterized by “swinging arms”, which are integrated to the automatic TCR system and a Heavy Duty stall, fully suspended, which gives the milking parlor...

  • Mitica - Tandem Milking Parlour

    Mitica - Tandem Milking Parlour

    Mitica Milkline is a tandem milking parlour suitable for small dairy farms and for buffaloes milking. The animals are placed in single stalls, parallel to the milking pit, so that the operator has an excellent side view of the animals. This direct attention to the individual animal allows the operator to detect possible udder health problems early. Moreover, the typical tandem parlour arrangement allows an easy man to animal interaction during...