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Milkplan is a modern manufacturer of systems and technological applications for livestock farming units and holds a leading market position in Greece as well as abroad with internationally acclaimed products such as milk cooling tanks and milking systems and exports to over 70 countries around the world, 25 years of successful operations, Milkplan offers reliable solutions to the modern livestock farmer and the dairy products producer that facilitate their daily work and enhance the profitability of their farms. We are the preferred supplier for large orders from large dairies and also offer bespoke equipment to accommodate custom demands. With exports to over 70 countries around the world, 25 years of a successful course and consistent values - top quality and investments in innovation - Milkplan is still evolving today, providing the modern livestock farmer with products that enhance their vision: a reliable choice with a Greek signature.

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3rd km. Lagkadas , Kolchiko, , Lagkadas 572 00 Greece

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Agriculture - Livestock
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Globally (various continents)
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Milkplan is the home of state-of-the-art technological applications for modern dairy producers. The high quality of its products and impressive investments in industrial equipment, which in turn have led to an excellent value for money ratio, have contributed to its rapid development on the international market.

Milkplan's achievements include internationally acclaimed products such as milk cooling tanks and stainless steel quick-exit stalls. However, its greatest success -a success awarded to the everyday toils of our staff- is the smile on the face of livestock farmers who see their performance improving and their efforts beginning to bear fruit!

Milkplan operates in the field of farming technologies and equipment manufacturing. With 30,000 m2 company-owned manufacturing facilities and state-of-the-art technology, Milkplan has under its belt 25 years of successful career in farming technologies designing, manufacturing and selling. In addition, with advanced industrial know-how and fully certified manufacturing, Milkplan exports to more than 75 countries worldwide having over 85% international sales. Guided by quality, consistency, fast service, innovation and flexibility, Milkplan offers turnkey solutions for the construction and effective operation of modern livestock units ensuring high end-user efficiency, time and energy saving as well as maximum herd productivity.

Milkplan is a modern manufacturer of systems and technological applications for livestock farming units and holds a leading market position in Greece as well as abroad.

Its internationally acclaimed products, such as milk cooling tanks and fast-exit stainless stalls, exemplify advanced technology and a modern perception that fully meet the requirements of today.

At the same time, they are strong allies of the modern livestock farmer and the dairy products producer, constituting essential solutions that facilitate their daily work and enhance the rates of growth of their farms.

Insistence on quality.
We create reliable, durable, long-lasting products.

Investment in innovation.
We create tomorrow's designs today, so that the modern livestock farmer - our partner - is always one step ahead in their field.

People on top.
Our every action aims to facilitate the modern producer's work.

Extroversion & Investment
Milkplan's extroversion is the next building block in its successful course. Its next evolutionary steps shall be to enter into permanent partnerships in new markets and to become established as a company whose name stands for top quality and innovation.

Milkplan's plans for the near future include investing in the establishment of a wide range of reliable products related to livestock farming applications and milk processing equipment that meet the particular needs of every region.

At the same time and in order to honour the devotion of the people who trust Milkplan products in over 70 countries, the company continues to invest in human resources who, through their modern thinking, shall contribute to the creation of even more compensative solutions in the future.

Our history By the mid-1980s, Triantafyllos Imeridis and his associate Vasilis Makropoulos had already built a name for themselves for the quality of their work involving stainless metal. Their company - by the name of Inox Center - made serious investments in metal processing and cooling technologies and was well poised to meet the dairy industry's safety and reliability requirements.

Within a few years they managed to transfer their metal know-how to the production of livestock farming equipment, set new quality standards for the sector and made the company a leader in the Greek market. Following the huge success, in 2007 it was decided to change the company's name to Milkplan and focus exclusively on milk cooling and milking applications.

Today Milkplan owns two production facilities in Greece with a total area of 14,000 sq.m., top-quality, high-precision mechanical equipment - laser machines for cutting metal sheets and tubes of a cylindrical cross-section, laser machines for welding metal sheets, an integrated robotic line for cutting and stacking metal sheets, high-precision punching systems, as well as a 'Research and Development' Department that constantly improves and designs existing and new products signed by Milkplan.

Today, Milkplan, an industrial unit located in Northern Greece, houses 14.000 sq.m. of cutting-edge machinery and a wealth of knowledge and experience which are at the disposal of its skilled staff.

In an area of 14.000 sq.m. located at a distance of only 6 km from Egnatia Highway and 23 km from the port of Thessaloniki, Milkplan houses units involved in the design, production, metal cutting and touch-up, assembly and quality control, as well as storage.

The unit complies with the strictest European standards and can design, test and produce innovative solutions to cover the livestock farm's every need for special equipment.

Milk cooling tanks MILKPLAN’s milk cooling tanks provide reliability and efficiency in the cooling and quality of milk. Top quality manufacture of the stainless steel milk cooling tank in accordance with international standards (ISO 5708/EN 13732, EN 60335-2-24, EN 60529/91 LVD73/23, CE)

100% control
100% quality control in all products produced by the company. Milkplan products are certified, suitable for food and comply with all health specifications.