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  • Chopper Box

    Chopper Box

    Hydraulic Controlled. Dual Push Ram. 20' and 24' models available. High clearance tailgate with positive locking system. Quick unloading time. Excellent Clean out. Powder Coat finish

  • Linebacker/Creep Feeders

    Linebacker/Creep Feeders

    Ten Gauge Mild Steel, Looking Window On Each End For Feed Monitoring, 4” X 6” Rough Cut Oak Skids. Tires Are Mounted Front And Back, Not To Interfere With Feeding Trough, Tongue Doubles As Tire Lock - No Need For A Jack, Gate Latch Allows Calf Gates To Open, On Uneven Surfaces.

  • Vertical Manure Spreader

    Vertical Manure Spreader

    Hydraulic Controlled, Dual “Push” Ram, Twin Orbit Beater Motors, High Definition Poly Constructed Box, Eliminates Corrosion And Distortion, Ensures A Precise End Gate Fit, Provides For Smoother Ram Movement

  • Grain Carts

    Grain Carts

    Houle R-6D-28 Undercarriage, 24' Vertical Auger, 20' Horizontal Auger, Hydraulically Tilted Spout, Hydraulically Folded Chute, LED Lights, 55 Series PTO and Over-running Clutch, Rear Ladder, Durable Powder Coat Finish, Industry Proven Gear Box, Optional Retractable Tarp, Optional Viewing Light on Spout, Optional Camera, Optional Scale System