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  • Planning and Development Services

    Planning and Development Services

    No business stands still. This is particularly true of farming businesses. Diversification is a buzzword these days and can involve exciting and innovative business ideas, requiring specialist advice. Milwyn Jenkins & Jenkins work alongside other professionals such as architects, land agents and accountants in assisting clients through the maze of regulations.

  • Succession Planning Services

    Succession Planning Services

    Often what is of paramount importance to farming families is securing the farm business for the next generation. This involves careful consideration and planning with the focus on Wills, tax and estate planning. Sometimes, there is a desire to make lifetime transfers of business and property which involves us working in conjunction with other professionals such as accountants and land agents, to advise regarding the most effective and tax efficient way...

  • Tax planning and Wills Services

    Tax planning and Wills Services

    It is very important to think ahead and to make plans for the future in order to ensure that the people you intend to inherit actually receive their inheritance. Part of thinking ahead involves making a Will, creating trusts, carefully taking into account the relevant tax implications.