Mineral Processing Ltd, trading as MINORE™

Mineral Processing Ltd, trading as MINORE™

MINORE™ offers a wide range of specialty products based on kaolin and illite clays. MINORE™ is a closed loop supplier from mine to market providing clay materials for applications within the refractory, ceramic. pet care, pesticide, glass, fertiliser, personal care, pharmaceutical. sectors. A multitude of industrial and consumer markets benefit from the unique properties of this versatile material. MINORE™ can trace its heritage back over 50 years, within the quarrying and mineral sector. We then evolved to become Mineral Processing Ltd, which saw us innovating in our sector by mining previously filled landfills for rich natural capitals, exporting speciality materials into Northern Europe for the precision steel sector. Now as MINORE™, we continue to innovate and lead the way processing performance minerals. offering a wide range of specialty products based on our own source of kaolin and illite clays.

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Grange Farm , Womersley , Doncaster DN6 9BW United Kingdom
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Custom manufacturer
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Globally (various continents)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

At MINORE we know that good business practice is all about experience, passion and commitment. And we have all those in skips full. MINORE is a composite of its history, values and its people, all of which bring real value to all our clients.

MINORE™ is a leading mineral processing and repurposing innovation company. We offer extensive expertise, working with our clients to find long-term sustainable mineral solutions that reflect their budgetary and environmental aspirations.

We supply tailored specialty clay products from mine to market for many applications including, refractory, ceramic. pet care, fertiliser, pesticide, glass, personal care, pharmaceutical. sectors.

Increasing challenges around mineral supply, reuse of end of life materials lead us to set up our repurposing division. We find simple, innovative solutions to complex material treatment problems within the industrial material sector.

MINORE™ has recognised the opportunity to enable businesses to find alternative solutions to material requirement and also add significant environmental equity to their credentials and brands.

Working with MINORE™ brings the security and confidence that your material is dealt with responsibly and in the most cost-efficient manner possible.

Based in Yorkshire, MINORE began life

Established in 1956 as South Elmsall Quarries Ltd and based in the heartland of Yorkshire, we soon became a trusted industry leader for quarrying and waste management in the region. Eager not to rest upon our laurels, and always looking forward, we evolved to become Mineral Processing Ltd, which again saw us innovating in our sector by mining previously filled landfills. Now as MINORE, with 50 years’ experience and an unfaltering commitment to our industry and clients, we continue to innovate and lead the way in the provision of tailored specialty clay minerals and reuse of natural capitals. Immersed in circular economy modelling, we offer our clients a unique, responsible and commercially centered approach to material management, something we call – Repurposing

At MINORE™ we take our work very seriously. It is something we are both passionate about and dedicated to. To help us maintain our continuous commitment to development and innovation we have six core values that drive and guide all we do:

  • Waste not, want not: we constantly strive to ensure thoughtful efficiency in all we do. By considering every facet of what we do and the way we work, we reduce impacts, create efficiencies and extract whole-life value from the office, our plant, to the redistribution of repurposed materials.
  • Accept responsibility: At MINORE™ we don’t view responsibility as a secondary consideration nor something to be compromised. We simply accept responsibility as a natural state, both for ourselves and the industries in which we work. Being better, makes business better.
  • Share value: we believe you receive ten-fold what you contribute and share. At MINORE™ we know that all ideas are worth sharing and the corporate and environmental equities we create should naturally be shared with our clients.
  • Be transparent: we believe in transparency in all we do. Information disclosure, clarity, and accuracy underpin all our relationships from our clients, suppliers, and end users.
  • Together we’re better: we believe in collaboration and partnership and we believe there is always a better way to do things. We are committed to working closely with our clients to share ideas and find the most effective solutions to any waste problem.

At MINORE we have a team of dedicated people all passionate about what they do. From plant to desk our experience, expertise and commitment leads the way in waste management and Repurposing. We work together to ensure all our clients experience the best service possible meeting their expectations and delivering our promise adding real value to your business.

Our clients are our partners. We work closely with them to provide innovative solutions to their waste management issues creating efficiencies in their bottom line and adding real, measurable equities to their business and brand. Our work is global and so is our thinking. Whether small or large we can help you discover the true value of your waste.

Repurposing is our unique and innovative approach to waste management and recycling. Rooted in Circular Economy modeling, Repurposing provides a commercially astute and responsible way to recover and regenerate materials at the end of their primary service life. Extending the materials lifecycle, extracting maximum use and redistribution to new applications ensures wastes are managed efficiently and responsibly to meet all legislative and regulatory compliance and reduce environmental impacts globally.

It is a commercially pragmatic and industry sensitive approach that delivers added value both on the bottom line and at brand level. Repurposing brings natural environment and corporate responsibility equities to bolsters your business and brand credentials.