Misting Pros was born in the heat of the moment-literally. Having suffered through more stifling summers in Sacramento, CA, than we cringe to remember, we went shopping for a professional-quality misting system in town. What we found was disappointing. The patio `misting systems` sold in warehouse or depot-like stores were not much more than glorified mini-sprinklers, with dinky hoses and nozzles that, once assembled and operating, did little more than wet our appetite for cooling relief. We are not exaggerating: These systems actually MAKE things wet without doing much in the cooling department.

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The bottom line was that no one was offering effective misting systems for patio misting, greenhouse misting, playground misting, golf course cooling, warehouse cooling or agricultural cooling. So we decided to do so. With Misting Pros, misting system with high-quality components at reasonable cost are now available to everyone-in Sacramento and everywhere else around the country.

Our mission is simply to bring you the best misting systems on the market at fair prices. We pride ourselves in never cutting corners or making false promises. We back our products with full support and dedicated customer service. We specialize in misting systems, unlike the 'everything for your life' stores and depots that can't possibly offer our level of attention, service and expertise.

So, welcome to our neighborhood! To control your climate with a clean, natural misting system, you've definitely come to the right site.

Patio misting systems are just the beginning! 

misting system could be just what you need to make life more livable in the dog days of summer. Patio misting systems are just the beginning. You can also use misting sytems to create perfect conditions in a greenhouse, or cool customers on your restaurant patio. Our misting fans are used in warehouses and manufacturing facilities to cool employees as well! Make it all happen with our misting systems - and start saving on your air conditioning bills today! Our natural, pure water misting systems provide patio mistingplayground misting,golf course cooling and greenhouse misting. We also offer misting fans,evaporative coolers and solutions for warehouse coolinggreenhouse humidification, and portable cooling

In hot, sticky weather, control your outdoor climate with clean, natural mist and let Misting Pros replace the misery of the heat with the feeling of 'aaaaaaaaaaah'. We are specialists in misting systems and misting fans and we offer is the best misting equipment in the business. We are not a big box superstore selling every climate control or backyard product in a huge warehouse. We specialize in evaporative cooling and misting, so we are experts in what you are looking for. We offer dedicated, personal service and all the assistance you need and expect to select the perfect misting system for you! And since we buy in large quantities, we can also offer the best prices in the outdoor cooling industry!  

  • Powerful cooling-with no wetness
  • Top-quality equipment at reasonable prices
  • Clears the air of odors
  • Cleans the air of pollutants
  • Sweeps the air of insects
  • Supercharges greenhouse growing
  • Spend more time outdoors!
  • Resort-class patio misting systems!