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  • Hydraulic and Electronic Power Lifter

    Hydraulic and Electronic Power Lifter

    The MITA hydraulic power lifts are available for tractors from 20 to 100 HP. The characteristics of its simplicity and the solidity and compactness of internal lever group and of the distributor command makes it possible to realize power lifts for special tractor such us for orchards, wineyards and crawler where space is contained and is of primary importance.

  • Hydraulic Control Valves

    Hydraulic Control Valves

    Mita’s sectional body directional control valve A/60 have been mainly designed for use on agricultural tractors. Besides the functional characteristics which satisfy the requirements of the auxiliary services of modern hydraulic systems on tractors, we have obtained very reduced dimensions which allow an easier application on compact and special machines.

  • Hydraulic Cylinders

    Hydraulic Cylinders

    Ingle acting. plunger or piston type. Double acting. differential, simple or double. double rod with connections. Fixed. with flanges, feet or threaded elements. Movable. with eyes, forks and articulation without dampers at and of stroke

  • Model CR90 and CR100 - Draft and Position System

    Model CR90 and CR100 - Draft and Position System

    Remote control groups with draft and position control type CR90 and CR100.Mita Oleodinamica has developed two Remote Control Groups that are addressed to different tractor ranges.The Remote Control Groups allow the application of position and draft sensing on tractors that for clearance reasons (compact tractors and small range tractors) or for a better linkage geometry or implementation of electronic control (middle ranges) cannot have a monoblock...