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  • Super Spreader

    Super Spreader

    The Super Spreader by Mohrlang Fabrication is a state-of-the-art, truck mounted spreader box for manure, silage and compost. The box is offered in three lengths and is outfitted standard with an all-hydraulic, smart drive system.

  • Smart Hydraulic System

    Smart Hydraulic System

    BEM Super Spreaders offer an industry first—load-sensing hydraulic system (see the hydraulics section for more on load-sensing) with in-cab smart controls for ease of operation, operator convenience and system fail-safes. The easy-to-use, industrial-hardened system will prevent the operator from engaging the floor chains while the slop gate is down or from operating with critically high oil temperature or low oil level. An oil temperature of...

  • Kick-Out Beaters

    Kick-Out Beaters

    Stuff happens—chunks of concrete or rock can get in a load. On a BEM Super Spreader the beaters kick-out-on-the-go to easily clear obstacles. You can change out a blade or beater bearing in a matter of minutes—not hours or days—reducing down time and expense. Also, take a look at the spacing and angle of the beaters. A Super Spreader is going to give you better material distribution and fewer large clumps. Don’t believe it?...

  • Floors & Chains

    Floors & Chains

    The Super Spreader has Double 88C floor chains with easy access chain adjusters. The floor is ½” Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight polyethylene (UHMW) which means greater durability during all weather conditions, corrosion and abrasion resistance, reduced friction and greater longevity. This is one tough floor.