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  • Monsanto - Roundup PROMAX

    Monsanto - Roundup PROMAX

    Roundup PROMAX herbicide is the next generation in the evolution of high performing Roundup® IT&O Products for the green industry.

  • Degree XTRA - Temperature Released Technology

    Degree XTRA - Temperature Released Technology

    Degree XTRA herbicide works like no other corn herbicide thanks to an exclusive and patented temperature-release technology. You can count on season-long residual grass and small seeded broadleaf control that outlasts other herbicides by 15 days or more. Degree Xtra is an endorsed product within Roundup Ready PLUS Weed Management Solutions.

  • Monsanto - Certainty Herbicide

    Monsanto - Certainty Herbicide

    When it comes to nutsedge control in turfgrass, you can’t afford to cut corners. You need Certainty® Herbicide. Certainty can work more effectively than the competition in controlling purple and yellow nutsedge, broadleaves, and kyllinga in warm-season turf and ornamentals. Certainty® Herbicide gives you more flexibility, turf and ornamental safety and weed control for your money.

  • Monsanto - Roundup Custom Herbicide

    Monsanto - Roundup Custom Herbicide

    Anywhere weeds and water meet, there’s a strong chance that vegetation management problems will grow. And anyone who manages brush in wetland areas knows that when left unchecked, vegetation can create hard-to-resolve problems. Roundup Custom™ herbicide gives applicators maximum use flexibility for both aquatic and terrestrial jobs.