Moore Unidrill

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  • GRASSLAND - Seeding Unidrill Equipment

    GRASSLAND - Seeding Unidrill Equipment

    Their requirements were, close row spacing, so that true one pass seeding could be made into grass/cereal stubble, or a conventional seedbed. A compact 3 point linkage chassis, for quicker headland turn performance in smaller field’s, and a central seed metering system, for high speed accurate sowing combined with the ability to sow down to the very last seed quantity with all seed types.

  • Moore  - Sportsturf Unidrill Equipment

    Moore - Sportsturf Unidrill Equipment

    The key to having a good sports fields on any sports field is the grass root structure. When you cut or break grass plant roots, the plant immediately puts all its resources into growing new roots, so that the plant can survive. The Moore Sportsturf Drill is a cultural tool in that it acts as a grass root pruner (cutting and breaking roots) as well as a seeder. The drill can follow ground contours accurately and plant seeds at a constant depth in its...

  • Arable  - Subsoilers

    Arable - Subsoilers

    All arable Subsoilers feature a V- shaped frame which lets the soil and trash flow more efficiently, allowing the legs to be run close together, giving total loosening. The design of the Subsoiler point/leg arrangement means that the forward mounted point creates a wedge under the soil, lifting and cracking the soil profile ahead of the leg and, in doing so, opens a slot for the leg to run through, reducing the amount of power needed to move...