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  • Cattle

  • Complete Cattle Handling System

    Complete Cattle Handling System

    Morands Shoulder Holder Squeeze Chute, Palpation Cage, 8' quick adjust alley, Double Alley with Transition, Double Rolling Door, 20 ft Tub, Loading Chute and Penning

  • Cattle Squeeze Chute

    Cattle Squeeze Chute

    The Morand Squeeze Chute conforms to the shape of the cow, this allows for more room where the cow is the biggest. The cow is centered and more comfortable in the squeeze. With the squeeze coming over the top and underneath the cow, it is restricted from jumping up, therefore, less tendancy to fall down. This chute has the Morand Original Shoulder Holder.

  • Loading Chutes

    Loading Chutes

    Has 17' of frame sitting on the ground for excellent stability, Utilizes 13' of ramp climbing to 45' tall, 5' of deck level into truck, Has blocker door entry on driver side, Flip up catwalk on driver side, 45' tin on side panels, Equipped with swivel nose and rubber bumpers, Grouser bars made from 1 1/2' sq. tube, 8' apart - no slipping, Weighs 2500 lbs

  • Feeders

  • Hex Feeder

    Hex Feeder

    Material - 1.9' round tube .083 wall, 18 Feed Stations, 7' Diameter, 57 1/2' Tall, Insert 8' or 10' Feeder Panels between the two sides, to make a 3 Bale Feeder

  • Slant Bar Feeder Panel

    Slant Bar Feeder Panel

    1.9' Round Tube, 57 1/2' tall, Available in 8' & 10' lengths, Feed Stations: 8' - 5 / 10' - 6.