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  • Livestock Systems

  • Morand - Complete Cattle Handling System

    Morand - Complete Cattle Handling System

    Morand has been able to manufacture, field test, and improve on their cattle systems over the years. With lead up pens allowing you to gather cattle quickly and safely, into the 20'tub, you are able to guide them into the alley ways. An optional feature is the sorting gate coming off the tub, allowing you to sort your cattle to the alley way or onto a loading chute. The alleys have back ups hanging down from the 2 3/8' frame, that can be adjusted to...

  • Morand - Cattle Squeeze Chute

    Morand - Cattle Squeeze Chute

    Morand’s Squeeze Chute conforms to the shape of the cow. This allows for more room where the cow is the biggest. The cow is centered and more comfortable in the squeeze. With the squeeze coming over the top and underneath the cow, it is restricted from jumping up. Therefore, less tendency to fall down.

  • Morand - Bison Squeeze Chute

    Morand - Bison Squeeze Chute

    Morand's Bison squeeze chute is made with heavy duty pipe with extreme wall thickness. The Morand Squeeze Chute helps take the 'work' out of working bison. Designed to be easy on Bison this chute offers a number of features that make it one of the safest chutes on the market for animals and operators.

  • Morand - Hydraulic Squeeze Chute

    Morand - Hydraulic Squeeze Chute

    The hydraulic squeeze allows you to process your cattle on a larger scale in a safe and secure manner. This squeeze has similar features to our shoulder holder squeeze chute. Designed to be easy on the cattle, this chute offers a number of features that make it one of the safest chutes on the market for animal and operator. The sides are tapered and wider at the Belly to hold your animals rather than squish them. The floor is adjustable and the H...

  • Gates

  • Morand - Feed Panels

    Morand - Feed Panels

    Hex Feeders split in 2 halves for easy transport, it holds 1 bale but if you add the slant bar feeder panel, you can stretch it to contain 3 bales. We can add tin on the bottom of panels, as an optional hay saver. Light tombstone feeders for horses available upon request.

  • Morand - Gates

    Morand - Gates

    Morand's gates come in three styles: Swing, Overhead and Walk in . The Walk in and Overhead gates are made with 2 3/8' round tube for the frame and multiple sizes for the rails. Swing gates come in two styles Heavy (made with 1.9' round tube) and Light (made with 1.5' round tube.)

  • Equine

  • Morand - Horse Stalls

    Morand - Horse Stalls

    Morand's box stall fronts make an excellent edition to any barn. The modular design makes it easy to create a design that meets your needs and budget. Fronts and Partitions are 7'6' tall and come in 10' and 12' lengths; with custom sizing available. Morand's welded box stall frames arrive ready to install into your barn. Simply attach the fronts to the partitions; and slide the wood into the channels (wood not included). It is possible to order...

  • Morand - Horse Round Pen

    Morand - Horse Round Pen

    Available in 19-8' Panels or 15-10' Panels 6' tall panels, Morand Corral Panels feature , and drop-pin hookups. Heavy and sturdy, these panels are great for transporting as well as stationary placement. With horse and rider safety as the primary design goal, this round pen makes a great training and lunging tool. The 6’ tall panels are available in 8' and 10’ lengths, powder coated Morand green. Panels sold separately if you prefer a...