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Moreni S.r.l. is a proud family company. The values of our missions come from the beliefs that have grown in the company and in the people who work in it. Designing, engineering , manufacturing , selling and testing an highly sustainable products for our company, our customers, our suppliers and our system is the only way to create Users value. Our goal is to offer an high quality product maintaining competitive prices. The following assets are essential to make our equipments a real plus for the customer.

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Via Eugenio Montale, 35 , Montichiari , Brescia 25018 Italy

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Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
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Internationally (various countries)

Moreni company is located on the main road that connects Mantova to Brescia. A modern building in steel and glass, decorate by architectural details and a fountain. Its design recalls the ancient art of working iron. A clear return to the roots: the company today, is the result of 90 years of work and commitment of three generations of people who have become entrepreneurs by blacksmiths, creating a solid industrial reality.

The precursor was Antonio Moreni that in the early years of the last century, took exception of her family business (trading in horses) and opened his own workshop of blacksmith farrier.

The first breakthrough came in the 50s, thanks to Antonio's sons, Sergio and Giovanni, who founded the family business. Riding the economic boom the business got bigger and specialized in the production of machines for soil processing.

Further step came with the production of cage wheels for tractors: the company became a leader locally reaching the markets of Brescia , Mantova , Verona , Cremona and Trento. In 1970, after extensive research and after testing several prototypes , was built the first power harrow , the tool of preparation of the seed bed which in later years, would be imposed as a standard product . Thanks to the development of the harrow Moreni expanded , acquiring new customers.