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  • W-W Beefmaster - Standard Squeeze Chute

    W-W Beefmaster - Standard Squeeze Chute

    All controls are on the front corner of the chute for one-man operation. Retractable squeeze arm allows safe, unrestricted movement around the chute by the operator. Steel cables synchronize headgate movement with 180 degree swing. Hinged dropbars on both sides of the chute have foolproof gravity latches. Steel floor with floor cleats provide for sure footing. WW Yoke Trailers fit all WW Squeeze Chutes.

  • Pearson - Working Chutes

    Pearson - Working Chutes

    Time-tested. Our patented designs have been used in the industry for over 45 years. The heavy, rugged construction original working chute is designed for livestock and operator safety. It can be customized to meet your needs, and hydraulic kits are now available to upgrade your current system. Left, right or double side exits are available. All side exits come with heavy latches and standard chain and grab hook safety latch.

  • Pearson - Hydraulic Chute

    Pearson - Hydraulic Chute

    Vertical sides allow cattle to move into the chute easily and stand in a relaxed, natural position. Automatically adjusts to any size animal as chute is squeezed. No climbing sides or excessive slipping. Neck panels swing out for neck vaccinations or branding. Additional access doors/panels provide easy access for branding, clipping, foot work, milking, and cesareans. Reversible head sweep. Heavy, rugged construction. Powder coated for durability....

  • Titan Wests - Bextra West Bale Feeder

    Titan Wests - Bextra West Bale Feeder

    Five Year Warranty. Bottom & Balanced feeding minimizes feed loss. Convenient for all feeding applications. Engineered, designed & manufactured for long product life. Great for both adult and young cattle. Performs like a cone feeder, with less cost and product maintenance. Hay savings are up to 70% over conventional feeders.

  • Ground Mineral Feeder

    Ground Mineral Feeder

    The heaviest ground feeder available. 15' high and 38' wide. 3 compartments allow for 200 lbs. The low profile virtually eliminates tipping or spilling. Feeder can be anchored in 3 different locations for added stability; plus single flap top promotes longer usage.

Products by Titan West Inc

  • Corral

  • O.K. - 20` Corral

    O.K. - 20` Corral

    The center sort alley accommodates driving through with most full-sized pickups to coax animals into the corral from behind. The most versatile, portable corral system on the market, the O.K. Corral is a single unit that eliminates the need for transporting and setting up individual panels. A gooseneck hitch allows for maneuverability and easy transport at posted high-way speeds. A durable, 12-inch I-beam frame and unique pivot hinges make the corral...

  • Working Chutes

  • Combo - Model AI - Working Chutes

    Combo - Model AI - Working Chutes

    The Combo AI Chute has all the features of the working squeeze chute with the addition of a palpation cage with a common floor. The palpation cage is accessible from both sides. It is adjustable in width and will attach directly to TWI's Circular Working Facility.

  • Standard - Working Chute

    Standard - Working Chute

    The TWI Standard Working Chute is one of the Strongest Working chute's available today. It is a heavy duty, all steel unit, built to take abuse. The frame is of 2' square and 2 x 3” rectangular tube, high strength steel tubing: with all stress points reinforced for added strength and durability. The rumber floor is standard, with cleats every 6' to provide extra traction. The chute's size is large enough to handle the exotic breeds, yet...

  • Hydraulic Chutes

  • Cattle Care Chute

    Cattle Care Chute

    Designed with safety of animal & operator in mind. Gently holds the head still while you work. 1/4'' Rumber© footdoors reduce noise & last longer. Easy-open side panels configurable to your needs. Neck extender has own pressure controls. Ball bearing pivot points at bottom of gates. Rubber inserts at pivot & slam points at side windows. Chutes tested and proven by feedlots for over 20 years. All chutes can be made portable.

  • Crowding Equipment

  • Circular Cattle

    Circular Cattle

    The Solution System for your Cattle Working Needs. The TWI Circular Cattle Working Facility is designed to save today's cattleman time and effort while working cattle. There is no need to hire extra help with this system. Your regular crew can handle the job easily, safely, and in less time than ever before.

Products by Pearson Livestock Systems

  • Bison Handling Equipment

    Bison Handling Equipment

    We have designed our bison handling equipment with the ruggedness it takes to handle bison and combined it with the simplicity found in all Pearson Livestock Equipment products.

  • Pearson - Rancher Hydraulic Squeeze Chutes

    Pearson - Rancher Hydraulic Squeeze Chutes

    Utilizing the same design principles that have made Pearson a leader in the livestock handling systems for over 50 years, the Pearson Rancher provides enhanced efficiency and power to the operator using hydraulics. Our vertical sides allow cattle to move into the chute easily and stand in a natural position. Our hydraulic cattle chute will automatically adjust to any size animal as the chute is squeezed, with no-climbing sides or excess slipping. The...

  • Head Gates

    Head Gates

    Just like all the Pearson Livestock products, the Self-Catch Headgate is time-tested, durable and options allow for customizing to meet your needs.  The headgate can be mounted on the Pearson Squeeze Chute or easily adapted to any chute, alley or calving stall.

  • xForce - Manual Hydraulic Chutes for Cattle Head Control

    xForce - Manual Hydraulic Chutes for Cattle Head Control

    Pearson Livestock Equipment is proud to introduce our xForce line of livestock handling equipment. Using the power and convenience of hydraulics, you can multiply your effort and increase the head control of your manual chute with no electric power. The best part? You can bolt it on to your existing Pearson manual chute (1993 or later) or add it to any...

  • Adjustable Alleys

    Adjustable Alleys

    Our adjustable alleyways come in a variety of options - Long or Short, Manual or Hydraulic. Add one alley or a set; whatever suits your needs.

  • Cattle Sweep Tubs

    Cattle Sweep Tubs

    Complete your cattle handling system with a sweep tub designed for your needs. Our sweep tubs, just like other Pearson system components, are durable, versatile and built in the USA.

Products by W-W Manufacturing

  • Livestock Equipments

  • Model EZ DUZ IT 300 - Corral Gates and Panels

    Model EZ DUZ IT 300 - Corral Gates and Panels

    Start with a basic 310 (10 ft. wide) or 312 (12 ft. wide) E-Z-Duz-It System and customize your system by adding gates and panels to meet your sorting, holding and pen size requirements. All Corral Gates and Panels in the E-Z-Duz-It livestock handling system are constructed from 2' x 14 gauge high tensile steel tubing with 50,000 P.S.I. yield strength. All gates mount on gate frames with 2' standard pipe hinges. All gates feature spring-loaded plunger...

  • Model 210 - Sweep System

    Model 210 - Sweep System

    The New generation 210 Sweep System has a 120 degree sweep tub and has the features stockman prefer. Available open, half sheet, full sheet or with the all new tough and lightweight Bull Sheet. With many options available, this system can be designed to fit your needs. Panels easily and quickly pin together which means no swinging or noisy chains to distract livestock and the flexibility to move or add on to. Featuring a spring-loaded latch to allow...

  • Express Portable Corral

    Express Portable Corral

    Feature after feature you'll find no better portable system on the market today. Designed and built with quality WW features and benefits that will serve your operation for generations to come. 6' tall panels fabricated from 2' 14 ga. high tensile steel tubing. All gates are spring-loaded or come equipped with spring-loaded plungers and strike plates. High speed highway hubs. Heavy-duty selector valve and sealed switch. Each unit is equipped with a...

  • Chutes

  • WW - Calf Table

    WW - Calf Table

    WW Calf Table is designed to work calves up to 600 pounds, Table features a headcatch and side squeeze bar for positive holding of animal. The Table is designed with exceptional balance, resulting in easy tilting. A ratchet-driven dally rope on the rear gate draws the animal's legs back for easy access, resulting in time-saving, efficient working of any calves.

  • WW - Longhorn Chute

    WW - Longhorn Chute

    The WW Longhorn Chute is 10’ long and can be easily set up and dismantled. Scissor headgate opens to 29” x 66”. Headgate features sheet metal covering to limit animal’s vision. Features six exit options. Multiple width adjustments controlled by spring loaded plunger latches.