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  • Sowing Machines

  • Model 1400 - Drum Seeder Machine

    Model 1400 - Drum Seeder Machine

    Tray Filler R9G - 2) Drum Seeder S9A - 3) Automatic Varmiculite Filler VTO 61// Vermiculite and Water Dispenser VP - 5) Stackin Unit with roller unit ACR. A complete restyling of the traditional drum line, the leader in the Mosa range of precision seeders. Greater compacting at maximum working capacity, easy electronic control of all working components, with the well-known exclusive modularity.

  • Model 1200 - Drum Seeder Machine

    Model 1200 - Drum Seeder Machine

    The drum seeding line has for many years been seen as the market leader for commercial nurseries. A jewel of engineering, innovative technology and productivity

  • Tray Fillers / Potting M

  • CLASSIC  - Potting Machine

    CLASSIC - Potting Machine

    The potting machine mod. CLASSIC is an electro-pneumatic unit for filling of round and square plastic pots, inclusive of an automatic mono-column pots dispenser, four stations rotating head, drilling station (a full set of 7 drilling tips is included), ejecting arm, transplanting conveyor with trays holder. Machine speed and peat supply can be adjusted in order to determinate the filling density. Easy and quick adjusting of all devices helps in pot...

  • Preparation of Substrates

  • Model BBM - Big-Crusher with De-Stackers

    Model BBM - Big-Crusher with De-Stackers

    BBM is a system with a tilting mechanism capable of processing all kinds of big bales, compacting and crumbling soil to produce ready-foruse substrate. Automatically feeds filling and sowing lines as well as soilblocking and potting lines. The big-bale is directly positioned into the tank with a manual fork lift.

  • Transplantation

  • Model LR - Manual Transplanting Conveyor

    Model LR - Manual Transplanting Conveyor

    Transplanting conveyor belt with adjustable speed, combinable in line with any type of filler. Standard version with a 3 metre frame and 4 alternated workstations. Optional versions for different lengths, including flat dibbling station with fixed or rotating drilling tips to make transplanting holes.

  • Completion

  • Irrigation

  • Model TO56-2H - Irrigation System

    Model TO56-2H - Irrigation System

    Special installations can be designed using existing heating pipes in the greenhouse in place of the standard rail system provided by Mosa. Boom trolley and recirculation trolley are made to suit the distance between the heating pipes; the system respects the overall dimensions of the lighting systems. Systems with 1” or 1”1/4 water supply pipes can be made. The other optional accessories are the same as those of the Mosa system.