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  • Multi-Feed System

    Multi-Feed System

    The Mosdal Multi-Feed System utilizes an auger-scale unit (blue & white) driven on an electric pallet jack (yellow) with exchangeable hoppers (white). The whole assembly can be easily maneuvered down aisles, around corners, or up inclines with the pallet truck. Hoppers can be built to hold up to 2000 lbs of feed. A major benefit of this system is that the hopper boxes can be easily exchanged by lowering the forks of the pallet truck and backing...

  • Rockshaft Cattle Trailer Scale

    Rockshaft Cattle Trailer Scale

    This patented mobile livestock scale weighs up to 3,400 lbs in 1 lb increments (accuracy guaranteed to 0.1% of full scale capacity). This mobile cattle scale can go anywhere and set up in just minutes. It incorporates all of the functionality of the toughest squeeze chutes on the market with the best animal scale design.

  • Mosdal - Smart Cart

    Mosdal - Smart Cart

    Made to weigh small animals (pigs, sheep, goats,etc), bulk feed or feed sacks, this versatile scale cart serves many purposes. The box can be removed easily (no tools required) to convert your box scale cart into a flatbed scale cart (pictured above). The scale carts pictured below have an optional 1/2″ thick durable plastic vertical slide gate on the end for easy clean-out. The box sides and ends can be be solid to hold grain or have see thru...

  • Mixer Cart

    Mixer Cart

    A self propelled feed mixer can be used for mixing and dispensing feed and weighing accurately to 0.1%. The rotating drum design has no internal moving parts which makes it both easy to clean and easy to maintain. Spin the drum one way and it mixes very thoroughly.  Activate the hydraulic cylinder to tip the drum up and then spin it in the other direction and it empties out leaving little more than a film of dust on the inside. This feed mixer is...

  • Single Loadcell Animal Scale

    Single Loadcell Animal Scale

    This single loadcell animal scale easily rolls anywhere and sets up in just seconds to weigh livestock (i.e. lambs, hogs, alpacas or others). By incorporating a patented rockshaft mechanical linkage and a compact hanging scale unit, this scale has the functionality of two scales and is more reliable yet easier to service than any other scale on the market. The hanging scale unit (top right) weighs accurate to 0.1% of its full capacity and can work...