Motorleaf Inc

Motorleaf Inc

Motorleaf Inc

Founded in 2016, Motorleaf rocketed to the top as a leader in developing cutting-edge agriculture technology. Our automated greenhouse technologies made possible by artificial intelligence are world firsts and proven innovations. A growing list of digital tools for agronomists include automated, precise harvest forecasts and disease scouting services, as well as software that liberates greenhouse data so farmers can make data-driven decisions on how best to cultivate their crops. With our home base in Montreal, a global innovation centre for artificial intelligence, we are proud to service commercial hydroponic greenhouse clients around the globe. In addition to our passion for technology that redefines capacities in farming, our team includes a mixed bag of hackers, scientists and creative entrepreneurs.

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5524 Saint-Patrick St #325 , Montreal , Quebec H4E 1A8 Canada
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Software vendor
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Globally (various continents)

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Motorleaf builds the latest automated greenhouse technologies. Growers gain better capacities to monitor, control and know the future yields of their harvests with our suite of equipment and software tools, enabling you to 'Sleep well (because you know your crops will) grow well.'

Our Mission

Hydroponic greenhouse and indoor farming open a world of possibilities to feed our hungry, burgeoning global population with healthy produce. Thanks to greenhouse Growers, we benefit from access to fresh fruits and veggies grown throughout the year using little water, enabling this farming sector to provide nourishment in our communities, deserts, and frigid regions–and maybe someday soon, Mars. Promoting the efficiency and viability of greenhouse farming goes hand-in-hand with supporting food security and new economic opportunities. Benefits like these are what we hold close to our hearts at Motorleaf. Using the latest technology, we strive to provide Growers with new tools they need to streamline farm operations, avoid waste, and ensure their harvests are always bountiful, predictable and assured.