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Mototecha JSC

Mototecha JSC

A Lithuanian company `MOTOTECHA` has developed an economical and energy saving solution for dairy cattle, that expends time and energy walking from their grazing pastures to a farm site for milking. There are milking systems for farmers with 20 to as many as 300 cows in one herd. The Mototecha system brings the milking parlour to cows rather than have the cows come to the parlor. The first systems were introduced to the local market in 2004 and more than a thousand of them have been sold in Lithuania. The portable systems are popular because they are recognized as totally safe for cows and the milker of it`s mobility and being as an inexpensive solution for milking profitably cows on  pastures or even indoors. Main customers are organic farmers and operations that make extensive use of rotational grazing, where cows are quite a distance from buildings and farm sites.

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Šiauliu g.30, Degioniu k Panevezio raj , Lithuania , LT38362 Afghanistan
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Since 2004 our company 'Mototecha' has been developing milking systems that would be suitable and affordable for dairy farms of any size. A special emphasis is put on pasture based milking systems. Our company has developed a complete set of pasture based tandem type mobile milking parlours that allows the milking process to be done right in the pasture, where ever the cows graze. In the last few years this market has been rapidly growing. Many even bigger farms are moving from the conventional dairy farming to pasture based farming, because of better economic calculations, better welfare of the cows and also better work and life conditions for the farmer.

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  • Free consultation;
  • Customized equipment according to the needs;
  • Fast delivery;
  • Full technical support;
  • Warranty;
  • Start up service;
  • Spare parts supply;