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  • Semi Intercom Radio Systems

    Semi Intercom Radio Systems

    Design and installation of radio and semi-intercom systems can be complicated by demanding surroundings: the area covered may be large or sectioned into floors and rooms. The design can be further complicated if the system must provide coverage of noisy or hazardous areas such as machine halls and engine rooms, where hearing protection is required. MP Radio is especially designed to ensure coverage in demanding  environments and consequently, our...

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  • SeaCulture- Feeding Systems

  • Central Feeding Systems

    Central Feeding Systems

    Steinsvik has produced and installed over 900 central feeding systems for both land and sea based farming sites over the past 25 years. This makes us an expert in the field and a valuable partner when planning your next site, or updating your current one. As a customer you get the most user-friendly central feeding system on the market – a robust and reliable system that gives you full control of the feeding process, regardless of feeding...

  • SeaCulture- Feeding Equipment

  • Subfeeder


    The Subfeeder is one of our newest products. It is a product developed for feeding fish below the lice belt. In addition, you can feed every day without being dependent of weather condition (wind/current). It can be directly connected to the 90 mm feeding tube and the feed will be brought down to the desired depth. The Subfeeder is produced in corrosion resistant material, has no moving parts and is highly reliable.

  • Feed Cannon

    Feed Cannon

    The standard models are produced with a silo capacity of 250 and 750 kg. These are light and simple constructions that can be moved to where they are needed. The machines have a high air capacity and good throwing length, and the feeding amount is adjustable. The silos are produced in aluminium, and can be produced in accordance to specific customer needs.  The size, choice of materials and attached engine make the machines light and easy to...

  • Feed Spreaders

    Feed Spreaders

    Steinsvik delivers several models of feed spreaders. Our spreaders are characterized by a solid construction. The bearings are of the highest quality and ensure a considerably longer life than other spreaders, before service is required.  Our feed spreaders are available in several models, from 20–50 and 90mm dia. We have delivered around 15 000 of our highly reliable spreaders nationally and internationally the last 15 years. They have a...

  • Mortality Extraction System

    Mortality Extraction System

    The Mortex is designed to extract mortality through the entire production cycle, being easy to implement and operate. The Mortex system is a supporting tool that improves safety conditions (reduction of diving hours) and biosafety in farms, because it can be used continuously, avoiding the accumulation of mortality. The simplicity of its operation and the appropriate design of its components, allow an efficient mortality extraction.  This...

  • Model 3S-FC-5/10 -20FT - Silage Container

    Model 3S-FC-5/10 -20FT - Silage Container

    The silage container 3S-FC-5/10 -20FT is specially designed to process salmon, meeting the biosafety protocols required worldwide. This system features; a grinder, an acidification bomb and a storage pond with the capacity of 8,000 liters. All components are connected by a stainless steel piping and managed through a control panel to provide an easy operation.

  • Model PGR-50 - Pre-Grinder

    Model PGR-50 - Pre-Grinder

    Steinsvik PGR-50 Pre-Grinder is specially designed to grind the mortality of salmon quickly and completely, transforming it into a homogenous mixture, facilitating the process of an ensilage system. The Steinsvik PGR-50 Pre-Grinder has a grinder that can process 3 tons of salmon mortality per hour, continuously fed by a single operator.

  • Steel Cage System

    Steel Cage System

    Our steel cage concept was developed in 1983 and has been continuously optimized since. Today’s concept satisfies the demands of NS9415/Nytek regulation. The cages are equipped with the well known torsion hinge, and come in sizes up to 40x40 m in 1 or 2 rows.

  • SeaCulture- Camera Systems

  • Orbit  - Model 200B - Surface Cameras

    Orbit - Model 200B - Surface Cameras

    Our surface camera is perfect for mounting on the cage railing. Orbit 200B was designed as an underwater camera, and is completely waterproof and constructed of corrosion-free materials. The cage edge is a highly corrosive environment, but because of the solid construction the camera withstands the harsh climate in many, many years. The camera has a powerful zoom lens that delivers very good image quality with high light sensitivity. It is intended...

  • Orbit  - Model 880 - Sensor Systems

    Orbit - Model 880 - Sensor Systems

    Orbit 880 offers a comprehensive range of environmental data for your facility, measuring both oxygen, temperature, salinity, conductivity, depth and sea current, both magnitude and direction.