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  • Model 250 - Semi-Automatic Mini Mill Machine

    Model 250 - Semi-Automatic Mini Mill Machine

    This is our semi-automatic machine. It is also pushed through the log but has the advantage of having an electric head which allows you to raise and lower the head with the flick of a toggle switch. In addition to being able to upgrade with electric and diesel engines, the 250 also can support 18HP Kohler and 25HP Kohler gas engines with built in auto engine speed controls to power up the motor when it senses denser or thicker wood. Optional: Simple...

  • Model 250E - Manual Mini Mill Machine

    Model 250E - Manual Mini Mill Machine

    This is our manual machine. It is pushed through the log by hand and the band-saw head is raised and lowered by turning a wheel. The design of our mill, which suspends the band-saw head on a central shaft and locks it in on both sides, makes raising and lowering the head much easier than you will find on most other machines. The 250E comes standard with an auto water to blade feature that turns on and shuts off automatically with the throttle...

  • Model 250P - Powerfeed Mini Mill

    Model 250P - Powerfeed Mini Mill

    The 250P is our Powerfeed model. It includes all that the 250 has but is driven through the log with an electric power drive system that runs off the battery on the machine. The feed rate is precisely controlled by a rheostat. Limit switches on each end of the mill allow you to set up for the length of log you are cutting so that if you are doing something else when the mill finishes a cut it will automatically idle down and shut off the auto water...

  • Model 550P - Mini Mill

    Model 550P - Mini Mill

    Our latest development is the Mini Mill 550P model. It is a much larger version of the original 250 series. With 25' band wheels, the ability to handle 36' diameter logs and a standard 25HP Kohler engine the 550P provides its owner with greater versatility. The 550P uses 1 1/2' blades. This mill also incorporates auto stop, auto height adj., auto water.