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  • Breeder

  • Breeder Information Manager (BIM) Software

    Breeder Information Manager (BIM) Software

    The Breeder Information Manager (BIM) offers the most comprehensive functionality available for Breeder flock management. All the necessary tools to manage and analyze flock performance is readily available, such as:

  • Breeder Planning Assistant (BPA) Software

    Breeder Planning Assistant (BPA) Software

    The BPA optimizes your supply chain planning process to more accurately project expected inventory, future placements, egg flows and hatch projections. Performance factors by breed and seasonal profiles are created to provide complete and accurate projections. Additionally, because the information that can be maintained in v7 Breeder Information Manager (BIM) is virtually limitless and available by day, projections can be analyzed in a myriad of...

  • Hatchery

  • Hatchery Planning Assistant (HPA) Software

    Hatchery Planning Assistant (HPA) Software

    The Hatchery Planning Assistant (HPA) provides businesses a clear overview of their entire egg and chick supply chain. The daily inventory detail provided in MTech-Systems 7PrIME solutions make HPA more powerful than ever before. By utilizing daily inventory information, understanding net position for egg and chick inventory is more precise. Because MTech-Systems programs are integrated, data sourced from other production, planning and management...

  • Broiler

  • Broiler Planning Assistant (BRPA) Software

    Broiler Planning Assistant (BRPA) Software

    Businesses face growing pressure to provide the most streamlined supply chains. The ability to connect supply with demand needs to be precise to allow for maximum efficiency. MTech-Systems Broiler Planning Assistant (BRPA) provides all of the information to make critical harvest and placement information for both current and future demands.

  • Logistical

  • Live Haul Schedule Optimization (LHS) Software

    Live Haul Schedule Optimization (LHS) Software

    Welcome to the newest module offered by MTech-Systems aimed at enhancing your current Live Haul Process. Scheduling is often a tedious and time consuming task, catering to one area of your business, while overlooking others. Using Optimization, we take your current live haul procedure and develop it to provide the best possible solution for your business needs.

  • Live Animal Weighing Software

    Live Animal Weighing Software

    Accuracy and efficiency! This is what you immediately get with MTech-Systems Live Animal Weighing System (LAWS), with advantages that will streamline your plant operation.