The Mulch Mule began as a custom designed tool for a local landscaper to increase mulching productivity and reduce labor. The Mulch Mule proved to be a great investment. It successfully reduced the company`s mulching labor by three times and doubled their mulching production. Also, the Mulch Mule has played a significant role in the company`s rapid growth taking them from $500,000 annually to annual volumes that are now in the top 5% of landscape companies nationwide in just 5 years. After numerous inquires from local dealers and landscape professionals, Green Industry Innovators was formed to develop and manufacture this mulching masterpiece to make it available to landscape professionals everywhere. With dozens of machines in operation by industry leaders and thousands of yards of mulch installed, we are confident you will enjoy the durability, consistency, and productivity of this system.

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What began as a custom designed tool for Todd's Enviroscapes, Inc. to increase mulching productivity in 1996, proved to be a great investment. Todd's Enviroscapes, Inc. cut their mulching labor cost by 3 times and the volume of mulch they applied doubled the first year they put the machine into operation.

With the Mulch Mule they quickly tripled production, did it in one third the time and with fewer men. After multiple inquiries from local dealers and landscapers, Todd's Enviroscapes, Inc. and Hoppel Fabrication, a leader in fabricating labor reducing equipment teamed up in 1998 and made their mulching masterpiece available to Landscape Professionals, Green Industry Innovators was born. 

The consistent productivity of the Mulch Mule takes the guesswork out of how much time and/or material it will cost you to do a job. Today you can find Mulch Mules across the country from the West Coast to the East Coast, from Maine to Florida. We are proud to say that every Mulch Mule sold since introduction in 1998 is still working and going strong.

Todd’s Enviroscapes continues to use the Mulch Mule.  The Mule has been a big part of the growth and success of Todd's Enviroscapes.  Enviroscapes has grown to be one of the elite top 5% in revenue of all landscape companies nationwide by developing and implementing labor saving and tools like the mule.  Today Enviroscapes has 5 Mulch Mules that are in use year round. Mulch Mule customers on average will get their second Mulch Mule after a couple years as it lets them take on more jobs without increasing payroll. Then as their business grows they will add more mules to meet their needs.

In 2006 the Mini Mule, a smaller 10 yard capacity mule, was introduced and quickly gained ground on its bigger brother the Mulch Mule. The smaller Mini Mule can be towed loaded with a 3/4 ton pick up truck and like the Mulch Mule doesn’t require the driver to have a CDL License.

The Mini Mule being shorter in length is easier to maneuver in tighter residential areas. And the Mini Mule has all the available options as the Mulch Mule so it can be “Built To Fit” your needs today as you grow..

In 2007 the next generation Mulch Mule was introduced to the marketplace and marked an immediate insurgence of sales. The new Mulch Mule was redesigned from the ground up addressing the wants and needs of an ever changing market. The new Mulch Mule was lighter so it could carry more load but did NOT compromise on its rugged dependable construction. Visibility was increased making it easier to tow and maneuver. Drive chains and sprockets were replaced with low maintenance direct drive hydraulic motors for even fewer moving parts. Floor speed was increased so loads could be emptied out the back in about 45 seconds or less further saving time.  A new 'Rolling Floor'™ was also introduced at the 2007 GIE+EXPO, giving the Mulch Mule the Versatility to handle solid material including Rock, Gravel, Stone, Sand, Salt and much more. 

2008 celebrated our 10 Year Anniversary of helping Landscapers and Turf Care Professionals from across the country in work smarter and grow their business with the Mulch Mule. Our customers are our greatest asset and we sincerely thank them for without them we wouldn't be here today.

In 2009 the excitement continues as more and more landscapers look to the Mulch Mule to increase productivity of their crews and maintain quality personnel.  Today the Mulch Mule is capable of doing more than ever before with it's proven design and system that will literally help you Grow Your Business and take you and your employees to that next level.